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Links List To Videos On My You Tube Channel

Hi, I'm Mara. Congratulations. You found my blog, cunningly hidden on wordpress. Let's see what else you can find. These are links to my channel. I'm still learning and any feedback there would be awesome.  Thanks for stopping by!

(This list is subject to updates and editing. Some links are not active yet because the video has not been finished or posted, but is upcoming.)

Weekend Trips In Japan

Car Camping Trip to Nikko, Japan (Autumn)

Mt. Fuji Road Trip (Suicide Forest and an Onsen)

Exploring Tokyo

Day In My Life | Cat Cafe And Ninja Restaurant

Tokyo Air Show

Harajuku Super Yosakoi (Fisherman’s Dance) 2015

Anime Cafe “Your Name” in Ikebukuro

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The Terrible Price of Sumo Wrestling

I’ve always been curious about Sumo Wrestling.  I’d love to attend a match, but tickets are pricey and it’s hard to get a spot.

However, like most sports, it takes a toll on its athletes.

Ballet destroys the ankles.

American Football causes head injuries.

Sumo causes serious thigh injuries.

Japanese TV was doing a documentary on it, and it was quite sad.  Many of the sumo wrestlers who retire have to use walkers or other things to help.  Their thighs have been ruined by the rigors of the sport.   Continue reading “The Terrible Price of Sumo Wrestling”

Everything is Awesome

A couple days ago I felt sad, lonely, and down for no discernible reason.  It’s no so extreme as to need treatment.  I just have to remember these things will pass.

But now, since this morning, I’ve been super happy for no reason.  It’s feeling like this song is playing in me:

I wonder how long this will last.  I spill coffee on myself this morning and then I dropped my bagel on the floor.  But I was like “oh well!” Continue reading “Everything is Awesome”

Standing Out

I was walking down the street on this spring-like day, when the Black Cat delivery guy recognized me.  I must stand out a lot from his usual clientele.

He asked when I would be home again. He had come by earlier to deliver the rice my husband ordered via Amazon, but no one answered.  I replied 9 pm, but he said that would be too late.

So I suggested tomorrow in the morning.

Still, it was interesting being recognized on the street like that.  Guess I really stand out.

Nothing eventful happened to day but lots of work and yoga.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to turn bad.

My dreams have been so vivid lately, ever since I started my vitamin regiment.  I wonder if there was something missing from my diet.

Next Saturday will be busy.  I made ONE plan with a friend and then suddenly everyone wanted to make a plan with me on that one day.  Now I might have turned down my husband’s request, but then it turned out to fit snugly against the other plans.

What do you when plans don’t conflict with each other, they just leave you really busy if you do them all?

It’s like “Oh, that time.  That time… um… works fine?”  *silently curses*

Cherry Blossom Flavored Coca Cola Review

Happy Valentine’s Day from Japan!

I found it!

Here’s the video for my review of the just released Cherry Blossom Flavored Coca Cola that I’ve been dying to try:

My thoughts on it.  I like the lemon-flavored coke better.

I hardly drink sodas anymore (I did find Dr. Pepper here in Japan).

The aluminum can it comes in is very beautiful.  It’s cheap (less than $1.30).  It’s also hard to find.  I managed to find it at an obscure super market after checking out convenience stores and my local supermarket with no luck.

Finding one is locating the Holy Grail.   Continue reading “Cherry Blossom Flavored Coca Cola Review”

Another Grade 2!

Welp, it’s official.  Our egg fertilized and divided into a Grade 2 embryo and is now a frozen little embaby.

I’m so happy and relieved.

We’re off to the snowy mountains on a much shorter trip than originally planned.  I’ll have my first snowy onsen experience today.  I’ve never done that before.

But the embaby news was icing on a day that is turning out delicious.

I still can’t believe the month that got the worst FSH number of my life got us a successful embryo after months of failure and much better FSH readings.