Links List To Videos On My You Tube Channel

Hi, I'm Mara. Congratulations. You found my blog, cunningly hidden on wordpress. Let's see what else you can find. These are links to my channel. I'm still learning and any feedback there would be awesome.  Thanks for stopping by!

(This list is subject to updates and editing. Some links are not active yet because the video has not been finished or posted, but is upcoming.)

Weekend Trips In Japan

Car Camping Trip to Nikko, Japan (Autumn)

Mt. Fuji Road Trip (Suicide Forest and an Onsen)

Exploring Tokyo

Day In My Life | Cat Cafe And Ninja Restaurant

Anime Cafe “Your Name” in Ikebukuro

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Sweets Factory In Yamanashi Prefecture

I know a place where you can eat all the ice cream you want for free.

It’s in Yamanshi Prefecture, a place we visited this past weekend.   The tour begins here through the dark, dark woods.  It’s like you’re entering a fairy tale, except instead of a candy house, it’s a candy factory!


Hansel and Gretel visit the factory

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Japan’s Alps

This is a video of Sean’s trip to Tateyama.  I really, really want to go back here and hike that mountain.  We could only do a short trip, but it looked so gorgeous.  This is probably the number one thing I want to do again in Japan and this time go to the top.

It was so gorgeous. The video here doesn’t give it enough credit.  I might have posted this video way back, but I just loved it here.  This is one of the coolest hikes in my opinion in Japan, but do be careful of the thin air. My brother got worn down by that.





The Big Cheese Restaurant In Yokohama

Yesterday was so much fun!

I got to meet my amazing friend, L, and we went to the Cheese Restaurant in Yokohama for yummy, cheesy-goodiness. It only two almost two months of work to get the reservation at a time we were both free.  DSC07865

The place is super popular, if you show up without a reservation you’ll wait for hours in line.  Yokohama was so packed yesterday because of the three day weekend and graduation day at many of the schools.

Our booking was pretty late so we killed time by hanging out a cafe and talking.  I love friends you can just sit around with and have a fun talk with for hours, hardly noticing the time zip by.


Since St. Patty’s day was recent, we started off with some drinks. The berry one was rather tart.   Continue reading “The Big Cheese Restaurant In Yokohama”

Always Sleepy

For this cycle they put me on a medicine that leaves me so drowsy. I still cook, work, and do my exercise, but no amount of caffeine keeps me awake.

I am too tired to post much these days.

I feel like a cat that just wants to sleep all the time.

However, the real problem is with the drowsiness comes a forgetfulness. I forget to put important things in my bag and then go back or have to make excuses.  I also put the wrong ingredients in my recipe yesterday. It wasn’t a big mistake (oregano or basil?)

Sleep is so addictive. Can I just sleep away March?  It’s still cold, and I don’t like that.

My husband is feeling better. His energy and pep are returning.

There isn’t much to talk about right now, unless you want to hear how nice a pillow feels and being curled up with a cup of warm cafe latte on a cold day.

I hope this foggy feeling passes.  I hope we get embabies this cycle.  If the medicine works and we manage to get two, we’re going to start trying to get preggers again.  I’m nervous and excited for that.

Let me just have a nap and dream of little feet softly pattering around…

Game On This Cycle!

The clinic gave surprising results for day 3.  My FSH was 2.  Two?

The E2 wasn’t that high.  My hormones seem to be adopting, “when they go high, we go low.”

They said we can try, and they gave me medicine to boost things.  We’ll see how that goes.  I worked out at the gym hard today doing over 6km.

I felt so relieved at the results.

Unfortunately, my husband can’t enjoy the news right now, or much of anything.  He’s curled up on the couch in a lot of pain. The pain started yesterday, then he threw up. He managed to hobble this morning to the doctor and they said he has some kind of stomach flu.

He’s drinking lots of liquids, taking meds, and eating only Okayu (rice porridge).

I wonder how he contracted it.  Every now and again I hear a “I-i-tai” (It hurts) from the living room.  I feel so bad seeing him hurting like that and being unable to do much but fix his food and bring him drinks.  The virus must runs its course.

Hopefully, he’ll recover soon.