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White Day In Japan

My husband and I are not big romantics.

Nevertheless, I can’t pass up a chance to buy chocolate. This year I bought a box of Godiva chocolate for my husband on Valentine’s Day and gave him 60% of the contents (after… um… sampling for quality-control purposes).

I was hoping for him to bring me a box of chocolate for White Day.  He surprised me by really going all out.

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My Video Adventure of Ashiga Kubou

A few days I posted about Ashiga Kubou, but I finally finished the video of it and what a sight to behold!

I’m so grateful that spring is almost here.  My spirits always pick up in warm weather.  Lately I’ve been getting into fashion for some reason and trying to up my look. I have no idea why it suddenly interests me, but it does.

Here’s the video!  This place was beautiful.  Happy Spring everyone.