Links List To Videos On My You Tube Channel

Hi, I'm Mara. Congratulations. You found my blog, cunningly hidden on wordpress. Let's see what else you can find. These are links to my channel. I'm still learning and any feedback there would be awesome.  Thanks for stopping by!

(This list is subject to updates and editing. Some links are not active yet because the video has not been finished or posted, but is upcoming.)

Long Trips In Japan

Golden Week in Hokkaido (Pt. 1)

Weekend Trips In Japan

Car Camping Trip to Nikko, Japan (Autumn)

Mt. Fuji Road Trip (Suicide Forest and an Onsen)

Exploring Tokyo

Day In My Life | Cat Cafe And Ninja Restaurant

Anime Cafe “Your Name” in Ikebukuro

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Japanese Summer Festival

The humidity is puffing my hair out. I’m starting to look like Marge Simpson.  Summer is here with a vengeance.  In Japan that means Yukatas, swimsuits, and watermelons.  It’s time for festivals.

There are rarely locals artists pawning their wares at the vendor booths like what I would see in Texas. While I miss this, there are things here that I’d never see back home. There are a wide variety of summer festivals in Japan: firework types, paper lantern, basic, and dance.

My favorite is generally the dance.

Of the dance types, one of my top favorites is the Awa Odori, or “The Dance of Fools”.



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Grade 3 Day 5

A little disappointed, but it still reached day 5.

Plucky was frozen as a blasto on day 5. His (her?) final grade was 3 in the end.

He was a grade 1 on day 3, but a grade 3 on day 5.  Nevertheless, the odds are good for Plucky so I still have hope.  I’m grateful for this opportunity and I hope one day Plucky becomes a baby I can hold in my arms.