I Need A Second Opinion: Book Cover

So I drew this after watching Twitch run all of Bob Ross’s old shows. I guess I was inspired by his “happy accidents”.

Saffron Wattpad ThumbnailMy Art


So I took all the great advice and made this book cover. I think it’s good enough. I drew the black silhouette of the girl at the top. The grey border is simply so it doesn’t disappear into the white of my wordpress page. It’s not part of the cover.

Saffron's Magic Cover Display

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The One Thing I Can’t Stand About Teaching English In Japan

This is not a post about the vast, complicated English-teaching industry in Japan. This is about Japanese students themselves, and the behavior I’ve witnessed while teaching private lessons in cafes to students. There is one thing I simply can’t stand about teaching English privately.

selective focus photography of woman holding black cased smartphone near assorted clothes

Photo by mentatdgt on Pexels.com

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