The One Thing I Can’t Stand About Teaching English In Japan

This is not a post about the vast, complicated English-teaching industry in Japan. This is about Japanese students themselves, and the behavior I’ve witnessed while teaching private lessons in cafes to students. There is one thing I simply can’t stand about teaching English privately.

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How We Survived The Great Tokyo Blizzard of 2018


I grew up only seeing real snow on TV. In Texas it hardly snows, and when it does, its more like sleet than real snow. I remember being thrilled the one time it actually snowed in Texas. Two inches fell and we called it a “blizzard”. I could not fathom snow higher than a foot. That only happened when you gathered a lot of it into a pile.

Then, the snowpocalypse happened. I never imagined how much would fall in Tokyo. In all my years in Japan I’ve never seen this much except when I visited the snow festival in Hokkaido.

It was surreal.

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