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Have you heard of Kurobe Dam?

DSC09085A couple weekends ago we went to Kurobe Dam, a place my husband has wanted to visit for a while.  I posted about visiting Kamikochi before, but not about the dam that took 171 lives to build and billions of yen. It’s now a very popular tourist attraction.

We also stopped at a ryokan.  I hope some will check out the video and let me know what they think.  I could use some feedback on what I could improve.

If you wouldn’t mind, that’d be awesome.  I’m starting to really enjoy the wonderful blogging community on wordpress.  So much positive energy.   🙂


Kawaii Monster Cafe In Harajuku (Video)

Nothing says rainbows more than the Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku.  I visited there a few months ago. I posted it here.

Well, I finally put together the video footage of my visit with my friend KS.  There is no narration or anything, it’s just the interior and the staff dancing at the end.  It really is like a bag of skittles went off in there.


Cleaning Out My Walk-In Closet

Maybe getting hooked on shows like this inspired me…

It took hours to clean out my walk-in closet.  I went through the clothing, matching up what worked and what didn’t.  I’ve now divided up what clothes I’ll try to sell at the thrift store and what just need to be thrown away. It’s a carefully divided set of piles occupying the hallway currently.

(There is no form of Goodwill that I know of in Japan.  Otherwise, I’d happily donate a lot of clothes.  They also mainly want brand names, of which I have almost none, but I’ll see what they say.)   Continue reading Cleaning Out My Walk-In Closet

Hydrangea Season in Tokyo

I missed iris season by a bit.

However, I just got to enjoy the tail end of hydrangea season in Kamakura.


It was so packed. Thousands arrived to go to the same place.

(Actually, when my husband brought me flowers a few days back, he wanted to bring me blue flowers like this because the Texas state flower is blue (bluebonnets).  So sweet.)

Here are my pics of the hydrangea


Continue reading Hydrangea Season in Tokyo