Been A While

First off… Happy 2020!

This is my first post of 2020, the year of the rat!

A lot has happened. There were sad things and there were good things. I went back to Texas for Christmas and hung out with the family. I played with their new cats (that were kittens they adopted from a shelter). One was a Siamese with the most adorable personality ever.

I caught up with old friends in Texas. I realize now that some of the group I hung out with in college turned out to be very horrible people. Even back then I had resented their treatment, but I thought it was in my head. Now I’ve learned to trust that gut feeling you get when you meet a person. Your first impression may not be wrong.

As for my life, it is going good. I have a way to earn good money by contract teaching. I use my free time on my hobby and my writing. With the money I am thinking of taking a trip.

I enjoy each day. I get to self-study, work on my novel, and my myriad of hobbies. Mr. Waka is also loving his job at the moment. I asked if he cared that I get so much free time, but he had the same view as me. “If you’re are making the same as you would working a weekly job, what does it matter?”

Exactly. When I get a contract I’ll work 10 hour shifts per day, back to back days. When I don’t, I can enjoy week long breaks. This has been my ideal job situation since my teen years.

So that’s my life at the moment. How is everyone doing?

7 thoughts on “Been A While

  1. Happy New Year! That sounds like the ideal work situation if you are able to earn enough while also having time for your hobbies. As I get older I often think about how important it is to try to enjoy life and live in the now. I’ve recently reduced my work hours a bit so that I can have a better balance. I’m happy to hear Mr. Waka is enjoying his job at the moment too!

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