I Need A Second Opinion: Book Cover

So I drew this after watching Twitch run all of Bob Ross’s old shows. I guess I was inspired by his “happy accidents”.

Saffron Wattpad ThumbnailMy Art


So I took all the great advice and made this book cover. I think it’s good enough. I drew the black silhouette of the girl at the top. The grey border is simply so it doesn’t disappear into the white of my wordpress page. It’s not part of the cover.

Saffron's Magic Cover Display

It turned out pretty nice, I think? Yes? No?

I don’t draw often. It’s not where my passions lie, but I put a broken mask in a field of poppies. The image is meant to convey an eerie feeling.

I made this for my book cover. This is where I really need a second opinion. I’m not good at book covers. What do you think?  Does it work? How could it work better?  Is it eye grabbing?  Or does it still look amateur?

Temporary Cover

I took out the name of the series for now. I stuck to black, white, red, and green as the only colors. 

Those are poppies which I guess is kind of ironic since Saffron is in the title. Saffron is the character of the book. But her nemesis, the figure in the broken mask, is always symbolized by the poppies. Poppies can symbolize, eternal life, dreams, or even eternal damnation. I wanted the image of the villainess to convey a sense of menace mixed with tragedy. She is both evil and damned for eternity.

The mask was originally supposed to be laying down, which is why the bloody tear would make more sense that way. I changed it and I could fix the tear if it’s really distracting.

Anyhow, yea or nay?

Updated (see the top for final book cover)

9 thoughts on “I Need A Second Opinion: Book Cover

  1. The drawing itself is beautiful, Mara, you’re very talented.

    The issues you’ve pointed out, such as that you’ve changed the orientation of the image which makes the teardrop not flow in the right direction, and the fact that you’re asking for an opinion on the manner tells you what you need to know.

    You’ve given yourself the answer in your post to your question.

    I happen to know a graphic designer and I asked for their opinion. Keep the image in its original form and orientation. The mask and poppies at the bottom as is – the mask lying in the poppies is more effective. Remove the black border, have the image bleed all the way to the edges. The typeface of the title makes it look squished as though you’ve crammed it into the space – the title should pop, be centre stage, and proud to be the title. You want people to remember it.

    Hope that helps.

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    1. It warms my heart a lot to hear it. I liked it, but I was so nervous sharing it with others. I find it hard putting stuff I create out there. I feel like people will think, “What the hell is this? Uh, yeah sure. It’s… um… nice.”


  2. I didn’t notice the tear flowing in the wrong direction. Even after it was pointed out it doesn’t really detract from the original artwork, but I see how it might stand out to others. Overall, I think it looks great 🙂

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