How I Avoided Bitterness

My mom wears a smile, one that hides bitter rage and hurt.

When faced with a painful situation, she comes in one of two settings: overreact or don’t react at all.  Deep down she seems to have bitter wounds that have cemented in to hardened bitter rage, like old taffy turned to cement.

She wants to help and comfort. I can tell she does, but she doesn’t know how.

My mother doesn’t know how to be empathetic.   Continue reading “How I Avoided Bitterness”

Can high FSH make you fat and drop your bone density?

This is a short post, but I was fascinated by this article.  They did a study about high FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) that indicates it might be responsible for weight gain and bone loss in older women.

I read it thinking… “uh-oh”.

My FSH has been high these past few months.  Apparently, taking estrogen may do little to stop bone loss.  I am curious to see more research on this subject.  It is still too early to be sure, but this would change a lot of things.