I can’t believe it.  That’s probably peanuts to the big blogs, but I reached a 100 followers yesterday.

Thank you everyone.  I try to return the support.  I’ve been a little busy and with spotty internet access, so I haven’t really read others lately, but when I get back to my routine that’ll chance.

Now let’s break out the champagne!

Cherry Blossoms In Hokkaido 2017

The cherry blossom may have run their course in Tokyo, but they were in full bloom on day 3 of our trip in Hokkaido.  We went to Goryokaku, a place I’ve always wanted to visit. It’s the star-shaped park you may have seen pictures of in magazines. There is a ton of history in this location where a very famous battle took place a long time ago.

In fact, according to my husband, a lot of the movie The Last Samurai draws its inspiration from what transpired here.

Plus it looks amazing in full bloom.


The cherry blossom trees that grow here are not like the ones you find in Tokyo, their petals are whiter, fluffier, and fall off faster.


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Golden Week Day 2 (Pt. 2) — Hakodate At Night

We arrived at sunset to Hakodate, Hokkaido. The town is packed with tourists from all over asian. I heard more Chinese, Korean, and Malaysian than I did Japanese.


After driving off the ferry, we headed for food.

Hakodate has quite a history. It was one of the ports allowed to dock European ships after US Admiral Perry forced Japan to open the country using US gunboats. This gave Hakodate quite an international identity.  They have embraced the curiosity of the world outside Japan and are quite proud of their international heritage. Continue reading “Golden Week Day 2 (Pt. 2) — Hakodate At Night”

Golden Week Road Trip (Day One) 2017

This year the Golden Week Holidays in Japan fell perfectly, in a way that gave my husband and others an unusually long holiday.  So we packed our bags and went for a driven.

Normally, we go west, in the direction of Kyoto, like the rest of Japan, but this year we decided to go north, to Hokkaido.

The roads were so open and free, it was difficult to believe it was Golden Week. We zipped up and made our first stop at this city. Can you guess by the pictures where these were taken?


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The War On Playgrounds

I have a a client, and he works for the city office in the complaint department. All day he gets bombarded with mostly elderly pensioners fussing about this and that.

Out of curiosity I asked him, “What’s the most common complaint you hear?”

He replied, “Noisy kids.”

That’s right.  These elderly people with nothing left to do but harass the city office, spreading misery, and spend their days demanding that the soccer fields, the baseball areas, and the playgrounds be shut down and locked up because they can’t stand the noise of children playing.

I hope I don’t end up that miserable of a person in my later years that I spend my days calling the city office to demand that the playgrounds be closed because it interferes with my afternoon of staring at the TV while the shopping network is on.

When did “get off my lawn” become “get off your lawn, his lawn, the lawn five blocks down, and that swing set and that soccer field on the other side of town, and don’t ever come outside again”?

Talk about sour.  :/