Korean Pop Music

So this video was filmed at my former workplace.  I don’t know if anyone enjoys Korean Pop music (I’m not into it), but it’s so cute recognizing all these places.

I know the gym they use in the video and sat in those very bleachers myself.

Absolutely delightful to see the classrooms and hallways.


Why Japanese Hotels Save Space On Packing

If you ask me, packing is the worst part about traveling.

Nothing, not even “10 Travel Hacks To Make Packing Fun”, have ever made me want to pack. In the end, I just toss stuff into a suitcase and push hard until I can latch it shut.

Remember, sitting on the suitcase is a space-saver. The seams are sturdy; they’ll hold. If you must, bounce on it a few times. Your significant other may stare at you with a look of — who did I marry? — as  you struggle to fit everything in and close it, but you’ll always know:

You: 1

Luggage: 0

Traveling in Japan creates space.

How you might ask? Continue reading “Why Japanese Hotels Save Space On Packing”

Weekend Trip to Kamikochi

My husband and I share a love of travel.  There is something about travel — the discovery of new — that makes my heart pick up and gives a euphoric feeling.

I’ll admit it.  We’re both part of Travel Addicts Anonymous or TAA.

However, that is coupled with my husband’s love of driving and bam — you have the perfect combination.  Some people go for massages to relax, but he goes for a drive in his “mistress” as I call his car.  I’ll often find him out waxing and washing her.  The man practically coos over his baby.   Continue reading “Weekend Trip to Kamikochi”