Trying Low-Dose IVF

We got the green light this month for low-dose Gonadotropin injections. For the rest of this week I won’t post normally.

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End Of Golden Week Vacation


“Well, at least it’s not raining.”

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My Top Reels For May

There is a first for everything. This is my first list of videos I highly-recommend to brighten your day.  Click the link below for laughs and cries!  Lots of fun stuff in this post.


Tuesday Reels

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Finding Your Soulmate

“How did you know he was your soulmate?”

“My what?”

“You know, your true love? Your destiny.”

“Um… erm… I don’t believe in that kind of thing.”

“Oh… so you settled.”

“I didn’t settle. I just don’t believe that relationships work that way.”

“It’s okay. You can be honest. He’s not the One. Not every one is lucky like me and my husband. We complete each other. He always supports me.”

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Kamikochi: Hiking The Japanese Alps

Firstly, I am sorry this post went live before it was finished. Thank you everyone who liked it anyway. I had it scheduled, but forgot to finish it. I was surprised when it had 8 likes and it was only a few sentences. This version should be much more in-depth.

So you want to hike the Japanese Alps…


Tuesday Travel Tips

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“Don’t talk about it. Japanese guys don’t like that.”

It was my third meeting with the future Mr. W. We were on a train and my friend, Elle, was traveling with us. Mr. W and I had broken into a discussion about Roman History through my bad Japanese and his not-much-better English. Despite the struggle, we were both engaged when he received a text from his company. While he was distracted, Elle leaned close to my ear and said:

“Stop it.”

I looked over my shoulder at her in confusion. She was all smiles as she added, “Remember what we talked about? Japanese guys don’t like that. You’re flirting, not giving a history lesson. You’re boring him.”

And then I felt ashamed.

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Weekly Rewinds: Golden Week 2018


Weekly Rewind

This is a long post since I went on vacation for Golden Week in Japan. I also started the week with very good news.


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