Cancelled Cycle (Infertility Post)

I had a feeling we wouldn’t make it, and I was right.  Yesterday’s 18 mm follicle erupted before they could take it out this morning.

Despite taking medicine to try and delay things, it was too late.  The LH surge was already over 170 yesterday and we were too late last time when it was at 80.

When I got up this morning, I still felt pain in my left side. I hadn’t ovulated yet, but then an hour and a half before the doctor was to extract the egg, the pain stopped and I knew even then it was probably over.

But the bad news gets worse. (Sorry for TMI). There was bloody discharge. I have been bleeding moderately to lightly for the past five days. The doctor thought it could be because of the fibroids or the low E2 value of this egg or both. Either way he recommended passing on a transfer because the environment was not good for an embryo.

I phoned my husband and we discussed it. A part of me wanted to go ahead and try, but that was just me being emotional and stubborn. Reluctantly, I agreed that we should wait and try again next month to have the best possible environment for our embryos.

I’m very disappointed because I was really hoping we could try this month.  Now it’s all postponed.  I’m so tired of waiting.


Can high FSH make you fat and drop your bone density?

This is a short post, but I was fascinated by this article.  They did a study about high FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) that indicates it might be responsible for weight gain and bone loss in older women.

I read it thinking… “uh-oh”.

My FSH has been high these past few months.  Apparently, taking estrogen may do little to stop bone loss.  I am curious to see more research on this subject.  It is still too early to be sure, but this would change a lot of things.