Can high FSH make you fat and drop your bone density?

This is a short post, but I was fascinated by this article.  They did a study about high FSH (Follicle Stimulating Hormone) that indicates it might be responsible for weight gain and bone loss in older women.

I read it thinking… “uh-oh”.

My FSH has been high these past few months.  Apparently, taking estrogen may do little to stop bone loss.  I am curious to see more research on this subject.  It is still too early to be sure, but this would change a lot of things.

Grade 3 Day 5

A little disappointed, but it still reached day 5.

Plucky was frozen as a blasto on day 5. His (her?) final grade was 3 in the end.

He was a grade 1 on day 3, but a grade 3 on day 5.  Nevertheless, the odds are good for Plucky so I still have hope.  I’m grateful for this opportunity and I hope one day Plucky becomes a baby I can hold in my arms.

Grade 1!

The hormone treatment worked. We got our first Grade 1. The embryo seems to be of superb quality.  I worried and fretted that I had no good ones left and then along came Plucky.

This is how I feel right now:


It should be a sunrise, but I like sunsets better anyway even if the metaphor doesn’t work as well.