Coronavirus Panic Buying

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Not the best start to 2020

2020 is beginning a little rough for everyone. All their plans are getting cancelled. Mine too. I had a bunch of teaching contracts lined up for March. Gone. Poof. Schools closed for the whole month in Japan. I’m out a lot of money.

Old Joke:

How do you make God laugh?



Tell Him your life plans.

Even South By Southwest in Austin got cancelled.

Cherry Blossom festivals are all cancelled and now the parks are talking about banning people from even having picnics there. Everyone has all this free time they never had before.

Many companies in Japan are allowing employees to work from home by telecommuting. Webcams are selling out at the electronic stores as people invest in working and teaching from home.

The travel companies are taking quite a hit.

Then came the panic buying. I read about it first in China and told my husband, “Better buy toilet paper and tissue paper because this will sweep into Japan next”. And sure enough, three days later there was major panic buying in Japan. Now the US and Canada are getting swept up in the panic-buying fever.



Translation: Panic-buying

Toilet paper is slowly coming back down in the stores in our area. We have plenty. I also had my parents sent me hand sanitizer from the US before that got bought up. However, there is a lot of “kaishime” or “panic-buying” happening still in Japan. Even butter is gone in some city supermarkets (but ours is fine).

I expected my contracts to be cancelled for March, but it was still a hit to the gut when it happened. I had plans for that money. Oh well.

With all my free time I am working on my own projects and reorganizing the house to finally win the war on clutter that I’ve been fighting for who knows how long. It is steadily warming up. We have fixed up our garden again.

Everyone is tired of the panic, but some seem rather addicted to it. People are like “What if the Olympics are cancelled? What if this goes on for longer?”

I don’t know. “What if the sky falls down?” It’s better not to worry about things you can’t do anything about at the moment. My dad taught me that. Work on what you can fix or can prepare for. There’s no use panicking over something you can’t do anything about.

My own opinion is that March will be the turning point for a lot of the outbreak. Most who are sick now we’ll be recovered (or sadly passed away) by the end of March. Once a disease has infected enough people it gets harder to penetrate the general population.

However, I believe that the panic will pass soon like a bad dream. And the virus will begin to diminish a lot. (Most people get it so mildly they don’t even know their sick and may not have even realized they carried it).

Unfortunately, the beginning of 2020 will be forever marred by this rough start.

5 thoughts on “Coronavirus Panic Buying

  1. This is some shit. We’re still out of TP here in some areas. Tissues have come back in stock, but now people have started panic buying feminine hygiene products which happened right at start of my period and I was out so I went to the drug store and they had one package left. I was so angry. Panic buying things they don’t need when there are women who NEED these things. I’m so angry at Japan these days.

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  2. Yeah I’m really hoping things turnaround soon. Like I know it’s probably going to get worse here in Germany over the next few weeks but then hopefully the worst will be over and gradually things will get back to normal! My husband has a lot of elderly relatives so I am worried about them.

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