Tokyo Robot Restaurant: Is It Worth It?


How do you answer that? How do you breakdown and itemize why you liked an experience or why you didn’t? The value of an experience can’t always be measured and defined by its monetary cost.

They say that “Beauty is the in the eye of the Beholder”, well so is value.

The better question is “Was it worth it to you?”.

The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo is located in Kabuki-cho, one of the city’s seedier sides where salaryman go to drink and watch scantily-clad women in shows. These days the Robot Restaurant has abandoned its Go-Go Girls routes and gone PG-13 for the tourists. The price at the gates is 8,000 yen, but it’s easy to get tickets for 5,000 yen if you shop online for discounts. That’s what my friend, Liz, and I did.

She was the perfect person for the crazy, “WTF” side of Tokyo.

Here is short video of our wild experience:

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Away Because of Life

So much happened the past two weeks. I haven’t had time to update this blog. Things are settling down again and I will start posting on a regular basis soon. Some people enter your life in the most unexpected of ways. For me, Hurricane Liz blew into Tokyo and swept me up in a ten day long whirlwind.  I’d trade those days with my friend for nothing.

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Eating Our Way Through Fukuoka City (Part 4 of Summer Road Trip)





Fukuoka City is a young person’s city

Since Fukuoka City is famous as the birthplace for Tonkatsu Ramen, my husband spent hours carefully researching and preparing the following schedule:

Lunch: Ramen

Afternoon Snack: Ramen

Dinner: Ramen

Breakfast: Ramen

Hmm… it’s like he had an agenda.

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Benefits Of Being A Daydreamer

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At last, the minute hand moves. Sixty more ticks until it moves again. Sixty more moves until the hour hand shifts and you can leave. Time is crawling. The clock must see you glaring at it because it moves slower and slower until you’re not sure if it moves at all.

You wonder, ‘Is this hell?’

In desperation, you plot an elaborate escape for the door, one so advanced it would make the Mission Impossible plots look like child’s play by comparison. Perhaps you could crawl under the desks and make your escape. Would the other students snitch on you? Would they join?

Your eyes glaze over. The professor continues to drone about “Sixty Uses of Cardboard“.

This is hell, you’re sure. What else can this be?

Moments like these never end.

But there is an escape if you can daydream. It’s one of the benefits of being a daydreamer.

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