Alcatrez ER Restaurant in Shibuya

One of the busiest-looking places in Tokyo proper is the Shibuya Scramble Crossing. On Halloween, it is hopping with costume-goers.  On any other night it’s just hopping.

I met with a couple friends by the Hachiko Statue (the dog statue). Even though we were all next to it, we had trouble finding each other in the river of people streaming around it.  Finally, we located each other and headed up the main street, past the Shibuya 109 store.

Our friends GPS led us up and up and then finally left to a very seedy side of Shibuya, one filled with love hotels and girly bars. The kind of place that’ll get really busy later that evening.  We’re not there for any of that.

We head into the Alcatrez ER restaurant:


Where they take us to our cell.  Yes, you pay to be locked up in a mental hospital.  I guess that kind of fits if you’re mental enough to go this themed restaurant.  A nurse locks us up.  Continue reading Alcatrez ER Restaurant in Shibuya


One Drunk Night… the Card Game

I don’t know if anyone who reads here as ever heard of the card games like “Apples to Apples” or “Cards Against Humanity”.  I enjoyed those games in college and in my working years.

In that same kind of spirit, my cousin has helped to create this game: One Drunk Night.

It’s a card game where you build your own story using beginning, middle, and end cards. You can end your story or continue someone else’s.  All the stories begin “One Drunk Night”.

If any are interested, my cousin and his friend have started a kickstarter campaign for their game.

I think it looks interesting.  I hope they are successful.

Otherwise, they’ll just have to have One Drunk Night…. 😉

Getting Down In The Dumps

I always known when that time of month is here because that’s when my spirit crashes and burns.

It’s a hormonal thing.  It’s a physical thing.  It’s a brain chemistry thing.

This time is also a “I’m-in-a-lot-of-pain” thing.

I become highly sensitive, read into things, and anxious of everything. It’s last for about 2-4 days.

Did you take an extra hour to respond to my message? You hate me.

Did you say that in a slightly terse tone? You’re angry at me.

What did that “ok” you sent over facebook mean?  I SENT you a smiley. A grinning smiley! Was that too much?  Did I overdo it?

As you can see these are absurd overreactions. Mentally I know that person and I know their “ok” meant just that.  However, my emotions send me on a rollercoaster of conflicted needs.   Continue reading Getting Down In The Dumps

Loaded Up On Vitamins

I went through my old infertility records, calculating what my AMH was three years ago, what it is now, and what seems to be its rate of decline.

It actually calmed me down.  I likely will reach menopause before in the next three years, very early in life.  We probably only have these last two years or so to collect eggs.   Continue reading Loaded Up On Vitamins

Setsubun is Almost Here! (Throw them beans!)

If only Setsubun was as cool as this commercial makes it seem:

There is a big bean throwing fest in my area. If I can only find a way to disguise myself as a child, I could throw some beans around and drive off those terrible oni.

(If they look like the guy in that commercial, I’d probably upend the beans and be like, “all out, Mr. Demon.  Guess you’ll have just to take me with you” )

A girl can dream.  😉


Overcoming Social Anxiety Means It Never Happened


— Chris Jamie

Have you ever overcome something?

Fought and won the impossible battle?
Accomplished the impossible dream?
Fought the unbeatable foe?
Run where the brave dare not go?

If so, you might enjoy this song:

I conquered crippling shyness and social anxiety in my early twenties.  Most of my friendships were formed in college and after. Almost none of them knew me as a teenager, and most of them have trouble believing I was ever shy or suffered from extreme social anxiety.

I hear the common, “you seem fine” or “but you’re not shy”.  Not now.

It’s like the classic story of the teenage girl who gets a fairy tale makeover and floors everyone because, lo and behold, this frog has become a swan. It’s the ugly duckling tale if the ugly duckling was a story about an internal makeover instead of a physical one.   Continue reading Overcoming Social Anxiety Means It Never Happened

The Limited Edition Kimi No Namae Wa Cafe is Amazing!

Update (video of the visit):  

See if you can catch all the mistakes!  There are two.

This was the message I wrote at the Limited Edition Kimi No Namae Wa Cafe that my friend and I visited.


If you’ve seen the movie, my comment will make more sense.  My friend, K, laughed because it sums up the movie very nicely.

The wait on a weekday for this cafe was ridiculous — over five hours!

However, my friend and I didn’t have to wait in line.  After you get your ticket and scan the barcode you can leave and they’ll email you later.

We went to karaoke and the arcade to kill time.  I’m glad you don’t have to wait in line, just in the e-line.  I’d never wait around for five hours for a cafe, even one as incredible as the food at this one was.

Oh, I have to tell you about the amazing presentation of the food.  Each meal was from a scene in the movie which is now the highest grossing animated movie of all time in Japan.  It has become almost like the Star Wars of Japan.  People across all age ranges — young, in-between, and old — have fallen hard for this movie.

Continue reading The Limited Edition Kimi No Namae Wa Cafe is Amazing!