Loaded Up On Vitamins

I went through my old infertility records, calculating what my AMH was three years ago, what it is now, and what seems to be its rate of decline.

It actually calmed me down.  I likely will reach menopause before in the next three years, very early in life.  We probably only have these last two years or so to collect eggs.   Continue reading


Setsubun is Almost Here! (Throw them beans!)

If only Setsubun was as cool as this commercial makes it seem:

There is a big bean throwing fest in my area. If I can only find a way to disguise myself as a child, I could throw some beans around and drive off those terrible oni.

(If they look like the guy in that commercial, I’d probably upend the beans and be like, “all out, Mr. Demon.  Guess you’ll have just to take me with you” )

A girl can dream.  😉


Overcoming Social Anxiety Means It Never Happened


— Chris Jamie

Have you ever overcome something?

Fought and won the impossible battle?
Accomplished the impossible dream?
Fought the unbeatable foe?
Run where the brave dare not go?

If so, you might enjoy this song:

I conquered crippling shyness and social anxiety in my early twenties.  Most of my friendships were formed in college and after. Almost none of them knew me as a teenager, and most of them have trouble believing I was ever shy or suffered from extreme social anxiety.

I hear the common, “you seem fine” or “but you’re not shy”.  Not now.

It’s like the classic story of the teenage girl who gets a fairy tale makeover and floors everyone because, lo and behold, this frog has become a swan. It’s the ugly duckling tale if the ugly duckling was a story about an internal makeover instead of a physical one.   Continue reading

Brand New Hello Kitty Cafe In Kanagawa

Here’s a video on my visit to the cafe:

This was my first time going to a Hello Kitty Cafe.  I went on a rainy day because I knew few people go to Enoshima Island during bad weather and I wanted to take pictures.  dsc07396

I was right.  It was pretty empty when I got there.

Continue reading

Bad Parenting

Today, as I left yoga, I was passing by a pharmacy when I heard a girl begin bawling. I glanced in the direction of her cries, then paused and looked back in surprise.

A lot of bikes in Japan have a back seat bolted on for toddlers.

A little girl no older than two was strapped into one of these seats and covered by a plastic rain tarp. She was bawling and kicking and wailing in her seat. There was no parent in sight.

The bike was propped on its kick stand and left beside the stone wall of the pharmacy with several others. In her attempt to wiggle out of the seat buckles her foot would bump agains the wall and cause the bike to wobble and totter.   Continue reading

Top Five Enoshima Sights | My video

Whew, it’s a good thing I enjoy editing, because this took forever to make.  It’s my lists of the best things about Enoshima Island which is a Tokyo Getaway spot that takes an hour and a half to reach by train from Tokyo station.

It’s best stuff is in the summer (beaches, swimming hole) and the winter (illumination and the clear skies for gorgeous sunsets)..

My list is:

5.)  Shrines and Shopping

4.) Winter Illumination at the Sea Candle

3.) Iwaya Caves

2.)  Enoshima Shoals

1.)  Enoshima Sunsets

Check out the video if you’d like to see more.