Tuesday Reels: May, 2018

There is a first for everything. This is my first list of videos I highly-recommend to brighten your day.  Click the link below for laughs and cries!  Lots of fun stuff in this post.


Tuesday Reels

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Start Here

Welcome to my blog. I’m Mara Waka (the name I choose to go by online).


This is a refuge for thoughts, experiences, feelings and life in Japan. If you have a love of travel, adventure, and the occasional thoughtful ramble, then you’re in the right place! I’m not lost. I’m just finding my way in our strange, beautiful world.


I am a foreigner who moved to Japan over eight years ago after I married the love of my life. Mr. W — as he’ll be called in this blog — is a hardworking salaryman who loves fast cars and driving around in them. I often joke that his cars are his “mistresses” because of how he dotes on them.

We share a love of traveling, photography, and sarcasm. Be warned about the sarcasm!

In this blog I often reflect on my journey to get here, the ups and down of teaching in English in Japan, the events of my childhood, and our fight to conquer infertility as we struggle to create a family.


I am in the process of drastically changing my blog into one of more concise and routine posts. Older posts are being merged together to reflect this, a feat that’ll take time. If you would like to follow my journey, then here is the weekly schedule for my blog that I’ll start follow on a more regular basis at the end of May.

Just click below.

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My Video Adventure of Ashiga Kubou

A few days I posted about Ashiga Kubou, but I finally finished the video of it and what a sight to behold!

I’m so grateful that spring is almost here.  My spirits always pick up in warm weather.  Lately I’ve been getting into fashion for some reason and trying to up my look. I have no idea why it suddenly interests me, but it does.

Here’s the video!  This place was beautiful.  Happy Spring everyone.

How We Solved the 2017 Tokyo Metro Mysteries Game

Back in November, I talked about playing the Tokyo Metro Underground Mysteries Game.  Now that the game is over for this year, I can post this video with spoilers.

This is how you play and how we solved it.  It’s an amazing game. It won’t be back until next fall and will have a completely new format.

Check it out:

Care Package Opening

A couple weeks ago I received a care package from a friend and you tuber who calls herself Random E.  I recommend her channel if you’re interested in information about life in California or stories about Japan.

I sent her a care package a few months ago, and discovered how much fun it was watching someone light up over the things you sent them.  So I decided I’d do the same for her and show a video of me unboxing her present.

The video is mainly for her enjoyment, but if you enjoy reaction videos then here you go:

(I think she’s trying to fatten me up.  So much candy.  What do you think?   *sips Pumpkin Spice Latte* )