A Paper Was Written About My “Infertility Case”

woman sitting on chair while using laptop computer

Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

My cased was used in a medical paper and for a presentation in Japan. Of course, they didn’t use any identifying information. They just used images from my ultrasounds and described my case. Hopefully it may help other women struggling with this.

I’m not sure it’s good when your case is so unique its used for medical research, but I hope it helps others. I didn’t know my case had been used until we went to the clinic today and the doctor mentioned it and even showed us the powerpoint slides where he used some of the ultrasound images of my uterus.

This year I am focusing on my health to get quality embryos and try to fix my broken uterus. Next year I may go back to work full time after we have retrieved at least three more day 5 embryos.

Here’s hoping for a lucky 2019. (It didn’t start the best for us).

Cherry blossom season came and is now leaving Japan. I even made a video with my friend Liz about that. The video did surprisingly well, garnering over a 1,000 views and over 30 likes. Plus the watch time stats are unreal (meaning people clicked on it and stayed to watch most of it).

Here it is if you’re interested:

I’ve been attending Japanese school weekly. It’s really good so far. The classmates are very nice and the teachers are engaging. I find myself able to speak in full sentences in Japanese. I had a whole conversation in Japanese last night with my husband. Usually my Japanese is jerky and broken, but it’s smoothing out and I can say what I mean more and more.

So I guess this year is studying, yoga, eating healthy, acupuncture, and working on getting good embryos. Oh, and I’m booked to take the JLPT 2 this summer.

How is spring in your area?

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