The Beach Near Enoshima Island

After tying my sandals to the strap of my small back pack, I went for a walk along the beach near Enoshima island.  The sand is black and fine. It sticks to you even when dried and does not flake off.


Kelp often builds along the shore. This was one of the worst segments I came across.  Continue reading


Climbing Mt. Fuji

Welp, here what climbing Mt. Fuji was like.  I swear the dubstep is included in the experience:


My friends and I all gathered at Gotemba Station and took an hour long bus ride to the Subashiri 5th Station which is 2,000 m up.  That was our starting point.

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Japanese Summer Festival

The humidity is puffing my hair out. I’m starting to look like Marge Simpson.  Summer is here with a vengeance.  In Japan that means Yukatas, swimsuits, and watermelons.  It’s time for festivals.

There are rarely locals artists pawning their wares at the vendor booths like what I would see in Texas. While I miss this, there are things here that I’d never see back home. There are a wide variety of summer festivals in Japan: firework types, paper lantern, basic, and dance.

My favorite is generally the dance.

Of the dance types, one of my top favorites is the Awa Odori, or “The Dance of Fools”.



They look anything but foolish. Continue reading

Five Things About Mt. Fuji

Planning a climb to the top of Mount Fuji?


You’ll get great photos, but suffer through hell for every one.  Enjoy the torture.

Beyond the basics like food, drink, winter clothes, and hiking shoes, you’ll need to be aware of a few other essentials, things that often get forgotten about or not mentioned. Continue reading

Grade 3 Day 5

A little disappointed, but it still reached day 5.

Plucky was frozen as a blasto on day 5. His (her?) final grade was 3 in the end.

He was a grade 1 on day 3, but a grade 3 on day 5.  Nevertheless, the odds are good for Plucky so I still have hope.  I’m grateful for this opportunity and I hope one day Plucky becomes a baby I can hold in my arms.

Grade 1!

The hormone treatment worked. We got our first Grade 1. The embryo seems to be of superb quality.  I worried and fretted that I had no good ones left and then along came Plucky.

This is how I feel right now:


It should be a sunrise, but I like sunsets better anyway even if the metaphor doesn’t work as well.