Golden Week Road Trip (Day One) 2017

This year the Golden Week Holidays in Japan fell perfectly, in a way that gave my husband and others an unusually long holiday.  So we packed our bags and went for a driven.

Normally, we go west, in the direction of Kyoto, like the rest of Japan, but this year we decided to go north, to Hokkaido.

The roads were so open and free, it was difficult to believe it was Golden Week. We zipped up and made our first stop at this city. Can you guess by the pictures where these were taken?


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The War On Playgrounds

I have a a client, and he works for the city office in the complaint department. All day he gets bombarded with mostly elderly pensioners fussing about this and that.

Out of curiosity I asked him, “What’s the most common complaint you hear?”

He replied, “Noisy kids.”

That’s right.  These elderly people with nothing left to do but harass the city office, spreading misery, and spend their days demanding that the soccer fields, the baseball areas, and the playgrounds be shut down and locked up because they can’t stand the noise of children playing.

I hope I don’t end up that miserable of a person in my later years that I spend my days calling the city office to demand that the playgrounds be closed because it interferes with my afternoon of staring at the TV while the shopping network is on.

When did “get off my lawn” become “get off your lawn, his lawn, the lawn five blocks down, and that swing set and that soccer field on the other side of town, and don’t ever come outside again”?

Talk about sour.  :/

Easter Fun At Tokyo Disney Sea

Yesterday, after two months of trying and failing, my friends K and C and I finally made it to Disney Sea. The weather could not have been more gorgeous.


We attempted to buy our tickets in advance online, but that failed because Disney has terribly strict credit card controls.  (Ugh… that’s another story there).

When we arrived around 9:30 am, crowds were already flowing in. The first thing we needed was coffee and food.  However, that had to wait until after we picked up our fast pass from here:


The Journey To the Center of the Earth Ride

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Where Celebs Dine In Tokyo

A few weekends ago, I went to Odaiba with my friend S to visit the coolest onsen in Tokyo.


Before we headed to the onsen, we stopped at Odaiba mall and strolled around for a good lunch spot.

On the upper floor is this well decorated area that is made to look like the streets of a village in Italy.


The restaurants are not unreasonable (most of them). We passed by one that has been frequented by celebs such as Johnny Depp, Sylvester Stallone, and a whole bunch more.


Celebs love to eat here apparently.


We didn’t eat there, but at a restaurant called La Boheme.


The food was reasonable (a little overpriced), but very yummy.


My carbonara pasta.


We shared this dessert. So worth it.

S gave me quite the compliment about my food photography.  She said, ‘You take photos good enough for a magazine’.  I was so tickled pink.  I don’t know if that’s true, yet I do see the pics and get hungry still.

If you want to dine like celebs in Tokyo, than visit the restaurant floor of Odaiba mall.

Have a great April.