My Mother Wanted A Girl, Not A Tomboy

girl wearing blue long sleeved shirt and yellow skirt walking on pathway

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“I won’t!” I declared, stamping a foot.

“You will!” my mother replied, foisting her latest frilly monstrosity on me.

“It’s yellow!”

“It’s cute!”

“I hate dresses!”

“Stop being so pig-headed.”

“I am not!” I balled my hands into fists and stamped my feet more. “I don’t want to wear dresses!”

“You’re a girl. And you will wear one.”

This was just another Sunday morning where my mother decided the whole family would go to church. That meant I wore ribbon-covered dresses, shiny black shoes, and white stockings with pink bows. The ladies at church would fawn over me, calling me “adorable” and pinch my cheeks.

I seethed.

I glared at my brothers who complained about their ties. Ties! As if that could compare to my humiliation. In the car I sat with my arms crossed while my mother continued to tell me to smile and stop looking so sour.

I hated dresses, but most of all I hated being a girl.

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Top Five Sights In Kamakura


If you are interested in the history of Japan and Kamakura, its former capital, you’ll enjoy this.  I present to you my list of:

(If you watch to the end there is a bonus feature of my brother Sean lost in the forest. Hehehe).

Sidenote:  Sorry about the clumped-together ads!  They are not supposed to be that way.  I keep trying to fix it, but you tube keeps leaving it the same.  Hopefully, my changes will eventually take.

Sensoji Temple in Asakusa

My husband wanted to drive to Tokyo yesterday to go to the last day of a special museum exhibition on ancient cave drawings in Ueno.

I wasn’t so interested in that part myself, but a ride to Tokyo and 3-4 hours to wander around the city sounded like an awesome plan.  It’s so much nicer than being crammed into the train.

After he parked, we split with a plan to meet up again at Ueno Station.

I headed over to Asakusa and took photos of Sensoji Temple. I explored it and ate my way through.


They change those things that festoon the fronts of the stalls.  A month ago it was red ones, now they’re sparkly pink ones in prep for cherry blossom season. Continue reading

Standing Out

I was walking down the street on this spring-like day, when the Black Cat delivery guy recognized me.  I must stand out a lot from his usual clientele.

He asked when I would be home again. He had come by earlier to deliver the rice my husband ordered via Amazon, but no one answered.  I replied 9 pm, but he said that would be too late.

So I suggested tomorrow in the morning.

Still, it was interesting being recognized on the street like that.  Guess I really stand out.

Nothing eventful happened to day but lots of work and yoga.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to turn bad.

My dreams have been so vivid lately, ever since I started my vitamin regiment.  I wonder if there was something missing from my diet.

Next Saturday will be busy.  I made ONE plan with a friend and then suddenly everyone wanted to make a plan with me on that one day.  Now I might have turned down my husband’s request, but then it turned out to fit snugly against the other plans.

What do you when plans don’t conflict with each other, they just leave you really busy if you do them all?

It’s like “Oh, that time.  That time… um… works fine?”  *silently curses*

My First Snowy Onsen Experience!


I’ve lived for years in Japan, but never went to a snowy onsen before.


That’s not true anymore.  This Friday heavy snows fell across Japan and we were forced to change our plans.  We went to Lake Kawaguchi instead.  My husband had to by chains to put on the tires for driving on snow and ice.   Continue reading

Studying Japanese At A Coffee Shop

My husband is working a killer shift. He came home last night at 3 am and left this morning at 8 am. Since he’s absent for this weekend, I decided to go on a little outing and enjoy the pretty weather.

I went to Kamakura and enjoyed a lovely coffee shop (that had craft beer?). I studied there for a couple hours this book and had some broccoli and cheese soup — since that’s pretty rare to find in Japan.  dsc07512 Continue reading