Escape Room Puzzle in Asakusa

Last month my friends and I became ghostbusters.
Our first mission sent us into the “Mysterious Apartment”, a dilapidated apartment said to be haunted by an Evil Spirit. Several had gone missing inside over the years. According to the laminated newspaper article, their bodies were never found.

We were introduced to our fellow team members upon arrival, and our team leader explained the rules. We had only an hour to solve the mystery, after that the Evil Spirit would claim our souls for eternity.

With the clock ticking, we set to work…

This is my harrowing story of survival against the forces of Darkness in the Urban Legend Escape Room in Asakusa…




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The Last Autumn Day In Kamakura

Twas’ the last of the autumn days when my friend and his wife from Scotland came to visit.  He’s an engineer with a love of the physics of drainage. I’m a science major with a curiosity about physics.  Together we nerded out on how drainage works at Japanese temples and shrines.

If that’s not your thing, then just enjoy the beautiful autumn shots of Kamakura …

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How To Christmas In Japan

This was happening outside the train station near my home…

It’s not that Japanese are converting to Christianity, but they are falling in love with Christmas and carving out their own unique traditions — from caroling to Christmas illumination to food.

This is my list of How To CHRISTMAS in Japan:

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