The Doctor Failed Us

On Sunday began the build up, and on Tuesday came the disappointment…

Warning: rant ahead

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Care Package Opening

A couple weeks ago I received a care package from a friend and you tuber who calls herself Random E.  I recommend her channel if you’re interested in information about life in California or stories about Japan.

I sent her a care package a few months ago, and discovered how much fun it was watching someone light up over the things you sent them.  So I decided I’d do the same for her and show a video of me unboxing her present.

The video is mainly for her enjoyment, but if you enjoy reaction videos then here you go:

(I think she’s trying to fatten me up.  So much candy.  What do you think?   *sips Pumpkin Spice Latte* )

Logan Paul Controversy

So on New Year’s Eve, a You Tuber named Logan Paul blew up the internet by filming a real body he found hanging in Aokigahara, or Japan’s infamous Suicide Forest.

On December 30th, just half a day before Logan and Paul and his friend arrived, my husband and I were there.  I don’t know what part they were in, but it makes me very sad what happened this next day.

The truth is, the forest is a very beautiful and unique place. We, like the others on the trail, were there for this:


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