Quick Update On Life and Fertility

It’s been a while. A lot has happened.

In May and June the cycle was cancelled because Estrogen was sky high on day 3. I was crushed and worried that we’d never get another chance. In June we went ahead and tried to take out an egg even though we knew it’d fail. It did. It was an empty follicle.

However, it got my hormones back on track. When July came I got an FSH of 12 for the first time in years. That’s really good for me. That month the hormones were perfect. On day 14 they took out an egg and then we waited and waited and… BLAST. We got a second blastocyst. The cell count was a little high so they rated it as poor, but that was the only thing wrong with it. Otherwise, it’s a blast and it was quite strong.

I didn’t think we’d get a second chance at the end of July and beginning of August, but we did. However, I ovulated too quickly and the egg was gone. There was a 11 mm follicle that had somehow been surviving against the dominant follicle so the doctor extracted that and we got an immature egg.

I was puzzled, but he said that it does have a chance and they can try to mature it in lab. It seems like a steep climb for a leftover egg from a small follicle to make it to blast, but we’ll see. There is precedent. Studies have been done to take eggs out of smaller follicles and while very few make it to blast, the ones that did had just as much success at becoming a live birth as eggs taken from dominant.  It’s just very unlikely that they make it blast since they usually don’t have the energy to do so.

As for life, I have been taking Japanese lessons at a school. It has helped my Japanese by leaps and bounds. I took the JLPT 2 test. I am sure I failed the reading. I think I did fine everywhere else, but reading clobbered me.

Workwise I am teaching private students and doing a summer camp for a week. Mostly the focus this year is one keeping my body in good shape to squeeze out a few quality eggs if I can before my ovaries stop working properly. (I have rock-bottom AMH and high FSH). Since this is the last time in my life that I can probably do so, my husband and I decided that would be the focus. So this year I won’t work a full time job. I am doing yoga, acupuncture, special diets, ect.

Once we reach our goal for blastocysts and check one more time on my adenomyosis we will make our final decision on that. Next year I will look for full time work. But the priority right now is my dwindling fertility and health. That one has a deadline. At least for my body it does.

9 thoughts on “Quick Update On Life and Fertility

  1. So nice to hear from you. I’d been thinking about you recently wondering how you are doing. That sounds like a good plan to focus on getting as many eggs now as you can while looking after your body! Great that your Japanese is improving too. x

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  2. Oh Mara, I hope that all of this works out for you. It’s good to read an update from you and fantastic news that you are able to focus on you and your health. And I’m so impressed about your Japanese! Wishing you all the luck. Xx

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