How We Survived The Great Tokyo Blizzard of 2018


I grew up only seeing real snow on TV. In Texas it hardly snows, and when it does, its more like sleet than real snow. I remember being thrilled the one time it actually snowed in Texas. Two inches fell and we called it a “blizzard”. I could not fathom snow higher than a foot. That only happened when you gathered a lot of it into a pile.

Then, the snowpocalypse happened. I never imagined how much would fall in Tokyo. In all my years in Japan I’ve never seen this much except when I visited the snow festival in Hokkaido.

It was surreal.

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Care Package Opening

A couple weeks ago I received a care package from a friend and you tuber who calls herself Random E.  I recommend her channel if you’re interested in information about life in California or stories about Japan.

I sent her a care package a few months ago, and discovered how much fun it was watching someone light up over the things you sent them.  So I decided I’d do the same for her and show a video of me unboxing her present.

The video is mainly for her enjoyment, but if you enjoy reaction videos then here you go:

(I think she’s trying to fatten me up.  So much candy.  What do you think?   *sips Pumpkin Spice Latte* )

When Tokyo Sparkles: Shiodome Winter Illumination


Winter Illumination In Shiodome

Every winter Tokyo glitters with tens of thousands of twinkling lights in various winter illumination displays throughout the city. This has fast become one of my favorite winter traditions in Japan. They started as Christmas Light displays, but they leave them up so long now that they call them Winter Illumination.

These displays get bigger and brighter every years, and their popularity shows no signs of slowing down. If you visit in winter, these are not to be missed.
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Logan Paul Controversy

So on New Year’s Eve, a You Tuber named Logan Paul blew up the internet by filming a real body he found hanging in Aokigahara, or Japan’s infamous Suicide Forest.

On December 30th, just half a day before Logan and Paul and his friend arrived, my husband and I were there.  I don’t know what part they were in, but it makes me very sad what happened this next day.

The truth is, the forest is a very beautiful and unique place. We, like the others on the trail, were there for this:


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