Lookbook Modeling

Models make it look so easy to look great in photos. I don’t know how they do it. I realize now that I have no talent for it. I face-freeze in photos. It took over a 100 photos before my friend was able to capture this really great shot of me.

Grey Winter Coat Blurred Face

I blurred my face, but the expression works just as good as the rest

Luckily, I found a friend who discovered she loved taking photos and bossing me around to get good shots. I have a nasty habit of face-freezing in front of cameras.

I want to look like this (sorta):

woman wearing pink overcoat and black inner top

Photo by Pedro Sandrini on Pexels.com

But I end up looking like this:

woman in gray sweater holding her face

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com


However, my friend was sweet and she persisted. She was like “You have the model figure! You can do this! Now get back over there and let loose!”

Well, we finally got these shots:
Face Blur Grey Shirt on stairs

Grey Shirt, Black Pants, Boots Blurred












It took a lot of trying to get them. I realize that trying to model in shots is good for me because it’s teaching me a lot about how to hold myself and what looks best on me. I avoid being in photos because I usually hate how I look in them. It’s not that I feel ugly, it’s just that my posture and expression are always weird. I feel like I look goofy.

Pushing myself to do this is teaching me about what works and doesn’t work in hold myself. My friend also really enjoyed trying to find good shots, angles, and work to get my posture right.

Maybe if I learn how to physically present myself I won’t worry so much about being in photos. A lot of how we hold ourselves in public determines how others think of us. For too long I’ve come across as shy and reserved. I really want to present a new me for 2020. One who knows how to project her true self in her body language.

So that’s one of my 2020 goals. What about you?

Black And White 2

4 thoughts on “Lookbook Modeling

  1. Cool photos- you look great! I used to not like how I looked in a lot of photos- my head was either tilted too far back or forward and I also wouldn’t know what to do with my arms a lot of the time. I read a few articles with tips on how to pose for photos and practiced in front of the mirror and that helped! Like it’s more flattering to turn your body slightly to the side and tilt your head down a little but not too much.

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    1. Definitely true. I realized modeling for these photos gives me more confidence. I just want to learn how to not take awkward photos. I feel like it helps to practice in front of a mirror, but also force myself to go out and do this.

      I really love that shot of me in the coat. Would you believe that was the only really dynamic one out of 50 attempts and it was by chance.


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