Freelancing With A Job

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Working hard or hardly working?

People sometimes ask me, “What do you do in Japan?”

That’s a difficult answer.

Due to the circumstances of my health and infertility I am limited in how much I can work. Mr. Waka and I both agreed that this year the focus would be on infertility. Our last run for it.

I do love my free time, but I also love having money of my own. So I built up a network of private students. I suppose that would be freelancing. Although this pays for me to hang out with friends and buy my own stuff, it leaves little to save. So I searched online and came across an odd job offer. It looked like an offer for a summer camp, yet it seemed to be more.

I applied and I am so glad I did. It was exactly what I needed.

Best of all, they send you far and wide across Japan. Your expenses and hotel fee are covered. This company has been around forever, but most teachers found out through word of mouth. Only recently did they openly advertise themselves. The pay is really good.

It combines traveling with earning money. I love it. I got my first contact at the end of August and every night I socialized with my co-workers. They were very friendly. All older and married. I was the lone Millennial of the bunch.

Even better I can choose to accept or decline an offered contract. I only need one every two months and I move 80% of that into savings. They pay double what I’d earn per hour working in Eikaiwa. I am really loving it.

Mr. Waka thought this situation was perfect. These contracts combined with my private students give me a way to earn better than what I would earn working part-time in Japan. On top of that my schedule is flexible and I don’t have the stress of commuting every day. I only have to do one week bursts of long work every one to two months.

You could not have come up with a more perfect situation work-wise for me at the moment. Plus I have a great way to earn good money to recover my savings.

I get long stretches of free time to study, organize, and devote to my other projects. Then I might have to pack up my suitcase and board a Shinkansen to Osaka for a week of work. That suits me just fine.

This is probably the most perfect job and home situation I’ve ever had in Japan. It is almost feels surreal how perfectly things fell into place. I am so glad I found this company.

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