Car Camping Our Way Through Japan

Our Most Recent Car Camping Trip To Nikko

To save money on trips, my husband and I do car camping. This is becoming a common trend in Japan. There are even guidebooks on “Michi no Eki” or Road Stops (see the links below).

You can stay for free at road stops and cut down the cost of staying at a hotel. It’s best to choose road stops with onsens (hot springs) so that you can bath and relax before you bed down.

Car Camping works in fall, winter, and spring, but is not a good idea in summer (because it’ll get really hot and stick inside the car and you don’t want to sleep with the windows rolled down).

It’s also a good idea to buy curtains for the inside of your car, or use sun shields (so that people can peer inside your car while you sleep).

This has been our experience so far (as I mentioned in others posts). Continue reading