Receiving A Gift In Japan

It’s New Years Day here in Japan.

My husband’s aunt and uncle always create calendar cards that are beautiful and feature everyone’s birthdays. She even has my parents, brothers, and relatives’ birthdays included. (A couple years ago she asked for their information).

We finally remembered when our anniversary was thanks to her including it on her calendar.  She is a very sweet woman. Each photo of flowers she took herself from 2016. It is a hobby she puts great effort into.

One thing I have noticed is when you receive gifts like that in Japan (maybe this is true anywhere), you must take them out and look through them carefully, admiring the work and heart that went into it.  You don’t just go “Thanks” and toss it in your bag.

Whenever I receive a gift in Japan, I will admire it for a few minutes after opening it and ask questions about the material and how they got it. It makes a big impression and seems pretty expected.

I’m now so accustomed to this “gift-giving” manner than when I go back to the States and others don’t do it, I find myself a little taken aback.  The nerve! Continue reading