The Last Sunset Before Christmas

Just wanted to share my picture from a hilltop of the setting sun on Christmas Eve here in Japan.  We went on vacation and went to Ise Shima.

Ever heard of it?

Recognize this picture?


We were here.  Well, not in this picture, but the place where this picture was taken.  Our accommodations were in the vicinity to this.

There is a hilltop near this and we climbed up to it and snapped this photo taken on December 24th, 2016:


Goodbye 2016!

Merry Christmas from Japan.

Survival Guide For Tokyo Disneyland (Christmas)

The struggle of choices!  What to do when facing the difficult decisions?  What was the choice I faced?  Why, to go to Disney Sea or Disneyland?  It’s not fair!

After searching deep within myself for answer and seeking guidance from the ancient tomes (pamphlets), I came to the heart-wrenching decision of: Disneyland.

When you go classic, you never go back. ^^

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My 6 Favorite Christmas Traditions In Japan

I think Japan was like ‘Nice Holiday you have there, Europe. Think we’ll adopt our favorite parts and call them our own’.  Or that’s how I imagined it.

Here is my list of 8 things I enjoy about Christmas in Japan:


1.)  Christmas Cake

When I first arrived, the Japanese asked about my family’s “Christmas Cake” and I stared at them blankly.  They insisted it was a Western Tradition. I begged to differ.

However, most are still very convinced people in the West eat Christmas Cake during Christmas.  I’m still waiting for egg nog to invade Japan.

I love any tradition that gives an excuse to buy cake.  After all, since I live in Japan I should blend with the natives, right?  Right!  Let’s buy some cake! Continue reading