The Treehouse Cafe Near Yokohama

On a perfect, crisp autumn day, I went with Lea to try out the Treehouse Cafe.

Nanjya Monjya Cafe

Not a cloud marred the sky.

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Oktoberfest In Yokohama At the Red Brick Warehouse 2017

Raise your glass and say, “Cheers” in German.  That’s right. It’s time for Oktoberfest!

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Day Trip to Sarushima Island In Kanagawa

I hit up the islands this weekend from Enoshima to Sarushima.


I’d never heard of Sarushima Island before, but my husband wanted to go there.  It’s near the US military base in Yokosuka.  The island is a former military base for the Japanese military and there are still old barracks and dismantled gun posts located all over.   Continue reading Day Trip to Sarushima Island In Kanagawa

The Yokohama Ramen Museum

You’ve heard of ramen, right?

It’s more than those cheap cup noodles that college students know well, at least in Japan it is. There is a whole range of styles and options from how hard you want the noodles to what kind of broth and what you want in it.

I prefer shio (salt) ramen.

One of my husband’s favorite places is The Ramen Museum in Yokohama.


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The Big Cheese Restaurant In Yokohama

Yesterday was so much fun!

I got to meet my amazing friend, L, and we went to the Cheese Restaurant in Yokohama for yummy, cheesy-goodiness. It only two almost two months of work to get the reservation at a time we were both free.  DSC07865

The place is super popular, if you show up without a reservation you’ll wait for hours in line.  Yokohama was so packed yesterday because of the three day weekend and graduation day at many of the schools.

Our booking was pretty late so we killed time by hanging out a cafe and talking.  I love friends you can just sit around with and have a fun talk with for hours, hardly noticing the time zip by.


Since St. Patty’s day was recent, we started off with some drinks. The berry one was rather tart.   Continue reading The Big Cheese Restaurant In Yokohama

Ice Skating (or Face-planting?) At the Red Brick Building In Yokohama

For Christmas, I went with my German friend to the festival at the Red Brick Building. We ate our way through and went ice skating and scaled up the Landmark Tower.  Take a look if you’re interested.  Sorry if it’s a little late.

Ten minutes videos are hard to make!  :/


Christmas Magic and Ice Skating In Yokohama

Looking for Christmas feelz in Japan? Or maybe somewhere to faceplant on ice?

I have a place for you!

It’s a perfect spot for enjoying the Christmas Spirit in Japan, and it’s at the Red Brick Building in Yokohama.  Where you can see these kind of displays:



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