Winter Blues

I have been a bit inactive lately. It’s the winter blues. My mood is very affected by the weather.

If I haven’t been commenting or writing as much it’s mainly because of those horrible winter blues.  I don’t go out except for work. I recently met friends in Tokyo, friends I adore, but I still hated going out in the cold.

It seems like everyone gets kind of the same. Down and cooped up in their homes ’til it warms up again.

Then there is that weird person who loves the winter and we winter-haters all shake our heads at…



Staying at a Japanese Traditional Inn

Last weekend my husband’s planned trip for his parents was nearly derailed by Super Typhoon Lan which blew into Japan for its own extended stay.

Despise the wind and rain, we made it to our Ryokan, or Japanese Traditional Inn, in Tochigi Prefecture where the leaves are just beginning to change.


The devastation of Super Typhoon Lan. 

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