The Treehouse Cafe Near Yokohama

On a perfect, crisp autumn day, I went with Lea to try out the Treehouse Cafe.

Nanjya Monjya Cafe

Not a cloud marred the sky.

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Staying at a Japanese Traditional Inn

Last weekend my husband’s planned trip for his parents was nearly derailed by Super Typhoon Lan which blew into Japan for its own extended stay.

Despise the wind and rain, we made it to our Ryokan, or Japanese Traditional Inn, in Tochigi Prefecture where the leaves are just beginning to change.


The devastation of Super Typhoon Lan. 

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Cherry Blossoms Season Here? Goodbye Clear Skies!

One thing I’ve learned over the years of living in Japan is that when the cherry blossoms finally arrive, so does the cloudy weather and the rain.  When I was young, anime and manga always portrayed cherry blossoms season as 90% sunny.

However, the grey sky and wet weather come with the blossoms.  Last week was the last day with blue skies and pink blossoms.  Now it’s just grey to rainy to grey again. Continue reading “Cherry Blossoms Season Here? Goodbye Clear Skies!”

Hanami Failure At Yoyogi Park

It rained on my hanami, like it does every time I plan one. Fourth time’s the charm?

Last weekend I arranged a hanami and gathered some friends.

The weather stunk. Cold, wet, and dreary. However, my husband’s friend, E, was very kind and looked up a great burger shop for us to eat at. This is how the name is presented on the menu with the restaurant logo underneath:

Arms: They’re Delicious To Eat

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Dark Clouds Approach

My husband and I went out briefly to the grocery store. As we were coming back we saw in the rearview mirror a horizon that looked black.  It looked like the night sky was chasing us, or as an ink stain spreading across the sky.

“A storm is coming,” I said dramatically because you have to in this kind of situation.  😀

When we got home, I turned on the news and they said a big front is coming.  The northern part of Japan is already getting buried.  To add to the fun, it is entrance exam week at a lot of schools so the students are having to brave inclement weather conditions to take their tests.

Temperatures are about to plummet and we might get snow after all.

Sounds like a day to stay indoors.

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Snow Day In My Slice Of Japan!

A few days ago it snowed heavily in Japan in November for the first time in 54 years!

The ground was too warm for the snow to stick much. Instead it turned into this horrible slush that sucked your boot in and caused it to stick to the ground.  The slush trapped in little melted puddles so it was worse than rain puddles.

In the morning the big fluffy flakes fell and coated a lot of the roof tops of the houses around my home.  I stayed mostly indoors that day, enjoying cocoa, and thankful I had no work.

Snow is really nice when you can look out at it from a window.  As someone from a warm climate, I stare at the white stuff with suspicion.

Evil, cold flakes fell upon a stunned Japanese populace.