Staying at a Japanese Traditional Inn

Last weekend my husband’s planned trip for his parents was nearly derailed by Super Typhoon Lan which blew into Japan for its own extended stay.

Despise the wind and rain, we made it to our Ryokan, or Japanese Traditional Inn, in Tochigi Prefecture where the leaves are just beginning to change.


The devastation of Super Typhoon Lan. 

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Japanese Castles


You might be shocked to hear that castles in Japan aren’t like the ones in Europe.

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How To Enjoy A Japanese Summer

This video is a collaboration of myself and two friends.  My friend, Rain, did the narration.  Rain is passionate about narration and gets autographs from her favorite voice actors.

What do you think of her work?  It’s much better than my narration, at least I think so.



Weekend Trip to Kamikochi

My husband and I share a love of travel.  There is something about travel — the discovery of new — that makes my heart pick up and gives a euphoric feeling.

I’ll admit it.  We’re both part of Travel Addicts Anonymous or TAA.

However, that is coupled with my husband’s love of driving and bam — you have the perfect combination.  Some people go for massages to relax, but he goes for a drive in his “mistress” as I call his car.  I’ll often find him out waxing and washing her.  The man practically coos over his baby.   Continue reading Weekend Trip to Kamikochi

Golden Week Road Trip (Day One) 2017

This year the Golden Week Holidays in Japan fell perfectly, in a way that gave my husband and others an unusually long holiday.  So we packed our bags and went for a driven.

Normally, we go west, in the direction of Kyoto, like the rest of Japan, but this year we decided to go north, to Hokkaido.

The roads were so open and free, it was difficult to believe it was Golden Week. We zipped up and made our first stop at this city. Can you guess by the pictures where these were taken?


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The Amazing Oedo Onsen In Odaiba (A Must Visit)

Next time someone asks me what’s a good place to visit in Tokyo, I’m answering, “Oedo Onsen in Odaiba!”

Usually, I dislike places too commercialized and catered to tourists, but not so with this place.  They get it right, combining a fun, relaxing, and exciting atmosphere in the perfect get-away-combo.

(Sorry about the bad angles of some of these photos.  My camera was running low on power so I had to take quick shots.)

It’s like the Disney Land of Hot Springs, and unfortunately it does include large crowds.

We stood here waiting for over 30 minutes to get in.  The lines went out the door.  Apparently, we arrived at right before 6pm and the prices go on discount so everyone was waiting for that. One downside about this place is they are not very good at crowd control.   Continue reading The Amazing Oedo Onsen In Odaiba (A Must Visit)

Sweets Factory In Yamanashi Prefecture

I know a place where you can eat all the ice cream you want for free.

It’s in Yamanshi Prefecture, a place we visited this past weekend.   The tour begins here through the dark, dark woods.  It’s like you’re entering a fairy tale, except instead of a candy house, it’s a candy factory!


Hansel and Gretel visit the factory

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