Does PDA Make Love Real?

Most mornings of a workday, my husband leaves at a certain time. I sleep a little later than him, but I always wake for that click and sound of him at the entryway. When I hear him, I bound out of bed in my nightgown and throw open the door.   Continue reading Does PDA Make Love Real?


My Husband Brought Me Flowers and Cake

Actually, my husband and I have never brought each other flowers before.  We’ve never been a flower-power couple.

So I was really touched and surprised when he came home and surprised me with this:


He even wrote a beautiful message in the flowers, eking out his best English, but I’m not allowed to take a photo of that. He felt it was too personal and asked me not to share it anywhere.

So his heartfelt message of love remains our secret.

This on the heels of my friends taking me out to dinner.

I’m feeling quite loved today ya’ll.

The Nikka Whiskey Factory In Hokkaido

There is a whole TV show in Japan devoted to the story of how whiskey came to Japan.  It was groundbreaking for its time because of its depiction an asian male/ western woman female couple on Japanese TV.

It became really popular and garnered great ratings.  The theme song became quite recognizable.

As for me, whenever Japanese students found out my husband was Japanese their eyes would go wide and they would ask, “Is his name Masan?”

I had disappoint them and say, “No”.

Then they’d try and see if my middle name was Ellie because westerners have more than two names.  And again, I’d have to disappoint.

So this TV show actually affected me in an indirect way.

Stranger yet, my husband was also a fan of the TV show which is normally not his cup of tea (he likes stuff about cars and the news).  I think deep down he liked seeing a couple on TV that he felt looked like our couple.  He would pre-record this show and we would watch it together after he came home from work. That’s how much he liked it. Continue reading The Nikka Whiskey Factory In Hokkaido

A Sweet Surprise From the Husband

I’d been down the past few days.  If you’ve read the password post about my latest soul-crushing news on the infertility front, you might know.

I’ve been going to the gym now 3-4 hours every other day and really eating better food and all my supplements.  However, even my optimistic self is getting worn down.  My husband is working insane hours until next week. He’s been coming home at 2am these past few nights.

I’ve been so down I find it hard to post here sometimes.

I slept in today because I just didn’t want to get out of bed.  However, when I did, I found a surprise waiting for me on my laptop… Continue reading A Sweet Surprise From the Husband