Life Update

Sick as a dog.

I was in the middle of emptying and organizing the closets, too.  Now the clutter lines the hallways and I can’t finish the job of sorting and repacking things because my head is pounding and my nose is running.

I can’t focus on studying, writing, or anything.  I’ve been just watching TV shows and eating soups and munching vitamins.  This is driving me crazy.  Once I get in the middle of a project, I want to finish it.   Continue reading “Life Update”

Letting Go

When it comes to certain people, I have trouble letting go.  My mother still can’t let go of her anger towards people who betrayed her. She still fumes about things, and will bore you to death with the story of “that person who ten years ago stabbed me in the back”.

I’ve usually been able to let go of these things.  When I let go, I also forget the person and everything about them. I vaguely remember who hurt me, but it’s very hard. I can’t remember the good times nor the bad times.  I only remember not to trust them and that they did something.  However, the feelings are gone. I can’t even remember why I was angry.   Continue reading “Letting Go”

One of Those Days…

Today was the type of day you want to take into a back alley and beat on with a two-by-four until it doesn’t twitch anymore. Then, take the carcass and burn it alive just to be sure it doesn’t come back for one final scare like in a Freddy Krueger Movie.

You know those days.

The days that a good bunker buster is needed to wipe out, and a little salt on the earth it once stood to make sure nothing grows there again.   Continue reading “One of Those Days…”

He Was Late!

I had a client who I was supposed to meet to today.

I got there early, and waited and waited.  Ten minutes became twenty.  He did not call me. Apparently, he did send an email, but I don’t use a smart phone (which I told him before) so I can’t check my email once I leave.  I had given him my number.

After over thirty minutes, I left fuming.  I even went back briefly to see if he had arrived. Nope. Nothing.

Finally, I went home, angry at the waste of time and money.  This is the second time he’s been late, but last time it wasn’t this bad.  I don’t want to do business with him anymore.

When I finally get home, I find his email, sent twenty minutes after we were supposed to meet, saying “I’m sorry. I’m parking my car now and will be there if you don’t mind waiting.”

Are you kidding me?

I was long gone by then.  So I guess we both wasted our time.  If it had been a one time thing, I might have given him a pass, but twice.  No.  No way.

I took care of some shopping and errands, but otherwise a waste of time.

He’s probably fuming himself because I didn’t wait around for over 30 minutes from the agreed upon meet time.  When we set a time and agree on it, a person should show up when it’s something business-wise.  He didn’t even really apologize in the email.

Ugh… I’m still angry about it.

My Depressed Friend

I had a great weekend despite the rain and the cold and another failed attempt on retrieving eggs and our crazy neighbor threatening to key our car (more on that in other posts).  I can’t wait to share, but there is something troubling me.

I gathered together a group of friends for a hanami in Yoyogi Park.  As happens every time I plan a Hanami, the weather was miserable.  The cherry blossoms have only started to pop out (got a great post coming up about that).

My husband’s friend and three of mine came.

But one did not fit among us that day.

Continue reading “My Depressed Friend”

In Love With Gaston?

For those unfamiliar, this is cosplay of Gaston:



In the classic Disney movie, “Beauty and the Beast”, Gaston was the antagonist. He was also a narcissist, misogynist, and quite evil in the end. He was handsome on the outside, but ugly on the inside. (The opposite of the Beast).

Here’s the famous song that best shows Gaston:

Then there are the Bimbettes, three girls who are his most ardent fans:


I loved this movie as a kid, but I never thought I’d meet people who acted this way.

For the sake of the story, I’ll call the woman, “Bimbi” (short for Bimbette) and the man will be “Gaston”.   Continue reading “In Love With Gaston?”