Otsuka Fake Art Museum

There is a museum in Japan where the masterpieces are all fake.


Even the Sistine Chapel is face. You are dwarfed by the enormity of the place.  Continue reading Otsuka Fake Art Museum


Awkward Introductions In Japan

This has happened over and over to me and whatever group of women, foreigners, and/ or both that I am a part of it.  It is a common experience at mixers or gatherings in Japan.
It’s the awkward introduction.

Here is the most recent example:

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Nara Fire Festival

Every year in Nara they light thousands of lanterns and burn this into the side of the mountain:

People familiar with Japanese might recognize that Chinese Characters as meaning “large” or “big”. However, in several sects of Buddhism it means “universe”.  It is burned to wish those that died in war peace in the next universe, aka the next life.  Continue reading Nara Fire Festival

The Sand Museum In Tottori

Previously, I posted about Japan’s Desert.

Right next to it stands an incredible museum, a sand museum.  DSC09742

Every year, sand artists from around the globe are invited to use the perfect sand of Tottori to carve out magnificent sculptures based on a chosen theme. This year’s theme was the “USA”.   Continue reading The Sand Museum In Tottori

Visting the Desert In Japan

We went to the dunes in Japan. This is the itty-bittchibi desert of Tottori.


The sky was steely and threatened to drop more rain at any moment. I’ve not felt sand this beautiful and fine since California. It had rained earlier that day so it was very soft and stickier than normal. Continue reading Visting the Desert In Japan

How To Enjoy A Japanese Summer

This video is a collaboration of myself and two friends.  My friend, Rain, did the narration.  Rain is passionate about narration and gets autographs from her favorite voice actors.

What do you think of her work?  It’s much better than my narration, at least I think so.