Just when it seemed like things could get back on track I get the news that I’ll have to go into quarantine for most of cherry blossom season.

Thank you everyone for all your warm, thoughtful comments. I haven’t always been the best at responding to them, but I have read each one. I’ve felt a bid down the past couple months. This never ending miscarriage has made it a little hard to move one. But I will get back to my old self soon. And I’ll definitely work to better respond to each.

In good news, HCG is finally down to 10. Almost normal.

In bad news, a small piece of placenta is alive and firmly attached to my uterus. The doctor tries to use cutterage to pry it off, but it was causing too much bleeding. She felt sure if she tried, the bleeding would be so severe that they’d have no choice but to do an emergency hysterectomy. We will not risk that, so cutterage is out.

So the doctor has suggested instead to inject a kind of chemotherapy-like drug directly into my uterus that will reduce the blood flow and poison that remaining piece of placenta. It should not in anyway damage my ovaries are cause any long-term damage to my uterus.

We could continue to wait until this small chunk of placenta dies off naturally, but who knows how long that will take. Surgery is too risky and out of the question.

What really sucks is that four days after the injection, my white blood cells are likely to drop dangerously low. Meaning I could easily get sick. If I contracted the flu during this time it could kill me.

So the doctor says that I must stay inside my house for 10 days. If I go out to the supermarket I must wear a surgical mask and use hand sanitizer religiously. I’m not allowed on trains or anything. Not until my immune system has recovered. This puts it right at the heart of cherry blossom season.

If the doctor doesn’t give permission, I may have to skip on several hanamis with friends. I’ll have to skip on two weeks of Japanese school at the worst time possible (when they are changing all the classes).

I was shocked and heartbroken to hear this. The doctor feels very confident this method will work to kill off that last piece of placenta and force it to let go of its death-like grip on my uterus.

I just want this over.

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11 thoughts on “Quarantined

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this. The cherry blossoms and the parties will come around again but you only have one body, so you must take care of it first and foremost.

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  2. Very sorry to hear this :(… you know your body/life best… but I had a thought… what if you hold off on meds for a few more weeks?.. maybe the placenta will come out by itself, if not you’ll get to do cherry blossom season and not miss class switching. I don’t know if there are risks/benefits to getting it done right away or waiting but its worth considering to wait if the treatment isn’t urgent.

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    1. Thank you for your warm thoughts. My husband and I have thought about this, but there is a risk to letting the placenta stay too long. For one thing there is also the chance of it turning into cancer. It’ll also prevent my cycles from returning. It feels like it’s better to bite the bullet now and get it over with.

      I might miss full bloom, but I’ll definitely still be able to enjoy the remainder of sakura season.

      So still gonna get some lovely cherry blossoms shots.


  3. oh gosh, you have had such a rough time of it lately. I hope that the rest of the placenta will go away and you won’t catch any bugs while your immune system is low! Maybe use the quarantine time to relax at home and catch up on netflix? Thinking of you!

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