Adenomyoisis: Heartbreaking MRI

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Seeing my adenomyosis on an MRI was heartbreaking.

Even though my HCG is now less than 20, some material remains and I may have to undergo a second cutterage to clear everything. To prepare for everything, the head doctor ordered and MRI.

I expected bad. I saw my MRI four years ago when I first diagnosed with adenomyosis. I knew the disease was progressive in nature, but I had no idea how bad it could get in that timespan.

My heart broke when I saw the results.

The shape of the uterine cavity is intact and fine, but there are four adenomyomas, including a particularly large one, as well as a fibroid the size of a tennis ball. How did this happen?

On top of that it is the diffuse adenomyosis and it has taken over my uterus, front and back. Four years ago it was mainly in the back. The doctor told me not to worry she had seen women with a lot worst cases of diffuse adenomyosis take babies to term. She felt confident it was not severe enough to prevent us from having a baby.

Still… it was hard to accept.

I’m definitely going to have surgery to remove the fibroid and the adenomyomas. There many not be much we can do for the diffuse adenomyosis, but we can at least take out the large chunks. (Although adenomyomas can grow back half the time).

We’ll continue to stock embryos. We won’t try again until we get my uterus in better shape.  I am still in a state of shock. How did it get so much worse in four years?

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9 thoughts on “Adenomyoisis: Heartbreaking MRI

  1. Hi! I have read about your condition thru your blog. If possible please try 4life transfer factor. I am not promoting it. But it help a lot of people with certain disease rebuild or strengthen back their immune system (including my mom). But of course our faith to God is the most powerful healing tool of all. Nothing compares to God’s power to heal.

    I hope and pray for your full healing, in Jesus name…

    God bless you Mara. Keep the positive spirit always.

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  2. I’m sorry to hear this. Just when I think my body has gotten better and I’m in the best shape of my life, I’m in an ambulance headed to the ER. Try to keep your head up and keep collecting those embryos!

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