Life Update

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I have neglected my You Tube channel, blog, and social life for the past month and a half. I needed time to recover physically and emotionally.  Also it’s cold outside and I hate the cold.

I have also enrolled in Japanese school.

Mr. Waka and I had a long discussion and decided it was time for me to spend this time focussing on getting good at Japanese. If I am going to live in Japan long-term I need to be better at the language.

I also don’t want to go back into English teaching. If we can’t have kids I’ll need to focus on a career and that needs good Japanese. I plan to take the JLPT test this summer at N2 level.

Before I could start at my school I had to take a placement test. My reading and writing were abysmal (failed the katakana portion with flying colors), but my speaking and listening were very good.

I can communicate verbally and understand, but could not write you a letter in Japanese to save my life.

I started going and have already noticed a big improvement. Hopefully it works.

In the meantime I’ve become obsessed with cooking channels. For most of my life I did not cook. I ate poorly. I think what kept me away was the prep. I’m not a fan of cutting vegetables and prepping for cooking. The way I’ve learned to get around that is using recipes where I can prep most of the ingredients in advance.

Now I freeze my bananas and spinach for smoothies. I also prepare my soups for the week and store them in jars. I don’t have the energy to cook in the evenings, but if I can throw it all together that works for me.

I’ve also thrown myself into my writing. If you’re interested in my work here’s the LINK.

(Warning: It’s still a work in progress, but it’s getting a pretty good response on Wattpad. You’ll need a wattpad account to read my story, but they’re free to make.)

Later, when I have a more final draft of the story I plant to post a few snippets here.

And that’s been my life the past few weeks. I go up and down emotionally. I worry about whether we’ll get another chance at a child, but mostly I am doing all right. My HCG is almost at zero again.

I worry whether I’ll start ovulating again since I already had low AMH. Things are almost back to what they were in November.

I haven’t hung out with anyone, but I have made lots of plans for spring. I just hate going out in winter. Cold weather bothers me, or more specifically being cold bothers me. Lots of my friends feel the same.

Spring is around the corner and I’ll be meeting lots of people. My husband and I already booked our trip for Golden Week.

And that has been my life in a nutshell.

Here’s to a hopeful 2019.

How’s your year going so far?

4 thoughts on “Life Update

  1. I’m glad to hear you have been keeping busy and are mainly in good spirits. I hate the cold weather too! Doing a Japanese class is a good idea, I hope you enjoy it and find it helpful. The past few years I have gotten really into cooking blogs and I love trying out new recipes. Looking forward to reading more of your writings!

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