Another Visit to the ER

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On a beautiful sunny day, a few hours after we did a family photo shoot in kimono, everything turned into a nightmare.

I was laying on the couch when I felt a warm rush, almost like I had peed myself. I bolted for the toilet with an “Oh my God! Oh my God!” My worst fears were confirmed when I saw all the blood.

I called to my husband who rushed in, wild-eyed at what looked like the scene of a massacre.

“I’ll call the hospital,” he said, stopping first to fetch me a change of clothes.

Trembling with panic, I somehow got dressed and gathered things I’d need for the hospital. We got in the car and hurried to the hospital. Like the last scare, there was no pain and no cramps. I bled much worse than before. I was sure this had to be a miscarriage. How could one bleed this much and it not be?

My husband kept level-headed throughout this.

At the hospital we waited in the ER to see a doctor. The bleeding had slowed, almost stopping at this point. When our doctor was ready she asked my husband questions about my medical history and what symptoms I was experiencing before taking me to an ultrasound.

To our relief the baby was fine, heartbeat strong, and cervix closed at 3cm (still short). The doctor assured us that the baby was fine and I was not miscarrying.

Back in her office we peppered her with questions. Unfortunately, since this was the ER, they were limited in what they could check. It could be the myoma (now the size of a grapefruit) or any number of things. She was only sure it wasn’t from a miscarriage.

We were sent home with no answers. All we knew is the baby was fine and not the cause of the bleeding. We have another appointment in a few days that can’t come fast enough.

Back home I passed a giant blood clot (almost the size of a lemon) and called my husband who worried at first it was the baby. I assured him that was impossible. A cervix doesn’t go from firmly closed to open enough for that in less than an hour. After that the bleeding tapered to almost nothing and has been almost non-existent since.

We have no answers on what is causing these episodes of bleeding, yet each one gets worse than the last.

I wonder if it’s because I’m blood type O. My husband is A. His father is an O and his mother is an A which means he’s definitely AO. Our baby has a 50/50 chance of being an A which I read can cause some issues with the mother’s immune system if she is O and the baby is A. Or also Rh positive with an Rh negative baby.

It’s rare, but possible. Hopefully our appointment in a few days can finally get us some answers on these mystery bleeds.

9 thoughts on “Another Visit to the ER

  1. That sounds like a very frightening experience. I’m very glad to hear that you didn’t miscarry. Hopefully the doctors can discover what’s going on. I remember when my best friend was pregnant, which she had lots of difficulty conceiving, she had some vitamin deficiencies that caused all sorts of issues for her body, and bleeding was one of them. I am going to pray that the rest of your pregnancy goes okay and that you and the baby will be fine and healthy by its end. Stay Strong! ♥♥

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