The Result of the 5th Beta

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An hour after I posted about the 4th Beta I began to bleed again, heavier than Friday with much larger clots. My heart sank. After waking my husband at 1 am, we talked about what to do. Should we go back to the ER or wait it out?

We decided to wait it out. There was no pain or cramps.

I put myself on bed rest for the next three days. The bleeding lightened to spotting, yet never really went away. The problem with the bleeding is that it makes it hard to relax about the pregnancy. Is it a warning sign or is it just normal?

I hate not knowing. I admit I’m one of those people who flip to the end of stories. I just don’t want to invest in a story and find out I’m reading a tragedy. I hate, hate reading or watching tragedies. I know the world has a lot of unhappiness, but I don’t want to read or see that in my entertainment unless it’s a little balance. I don’t mind endings that are not entirely happy, but not entirely sad where an important lesson was learned.

I really want to flip to the end of this pregnancy and find out the ending.

For the 5th Beta my husband and I went to the clinic together. We were rather silent and a little tensed up. I was led into the curtained room for an ultrasound.

At first the doctor couldn’t find anything and my heart sank, but then he found it. It was a little more to one side than the other. Suddenly our baby popped into the screen and the nurse invited my husband to join me in the room so the doctor could show him the baby. Even better he showed its beating heart and played the sound for us. My husband was allowed to record it on his phone.

We were grinning ear to ear, a big weight lifted off our shoulders, as we returned to the doctor’s office. The baby looks very strong.

Unfortunately, and there is always an unfortunately with my reproductive matters, proesterogene had sunk to 12. If it goes under 10 a miscarriage becomes very likely. It was 17 just six days ago. They gave me a shot and put me on oral capsules as well. We should be okay.

We’re doing everything we can. Seeing that heartbeat was magic. It was special seeing that smile form on my husband’s face when he saw our baby on the ultrasound screen and heard it’s heart beating.

I hope we get more of these magic moments.

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11 thoughts on “The Result of the 5th Beta

  1. It was my understanding that PIO doesn’t show up well in blood tests? So even if your progesterone “fell” to 12, it may not be accurate because you switched to PIO? I was using tons of endometrin (progesterone tablets taken vaginally) and my progesterone maxed out at 20 in my first trimester with BG (and started at 9 @ 15dpo). The bleeding is scary but it’s great that you heard a heartbeat! You are doing everything you can. I would continue bedrest as much as possible. XOXO

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