The Result of the 4th Beta

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Three days after my ER visit I went to my main clinic for a scan. They had one of the fanciest ultrasound machines I’ve ever seen. The gestational sac popped up right away with a bright yolk sac in its center. It was a big relief.

Back in the office, the doctor told me he had seen the fetus, or part of it, but it was still too small to see clearly. The important thing is that it’s there. It’s growing fast.

I feel like I can finally relax a little in this pregnancy.

The doctor suspects that my bleeding on Friday was caused by the fibroma in my uterus. “And you’ll bleed more,” he added. The main thing was that there was no pain or cramping.

If everything goes well we will see a fetal heartbeat next week.

A day later I experienced my first round of Tsuwari, or “Morning Sickness” in the evening. I never felt morning sickness, not even in the pregnancy that failed. I came this close to losing all the cake and expensive chocolates I ate earlier, things my husband brought back from his business trip to England. It was horrible.

Now that things are settling down I may not post as many updates about it. These first few weeks were an emotional roller coaster. At first there was joy at finding a pot of gold at the end of our Two Week Wait, then there was anxiety as we wondered if we’d get to keep it, and now we’re starting to feel more and more that maybe, just maybe, we can.

We have a little more hope.

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7 thoughts on “The Result of the 4th Beta

    1. That’s good. No sooner did I write about the 4th Beta then I started bleeding heavily again last night — worse than Friday. But it looks like the baby is still okay. I guess I’ll also have to deal with lots and lots of heavy bleeding throughout this pregnancy. They’re also not sure what’s causing it.


  1. I am so happy that everything is going well! I love that we are pregnant at the same time 🙂 How scary the bleeding is! So glad all is well! I hope you write lots more about your pregnancy! I understand that emotional rollercoaster some days I flip more than others… it will get better! Hugs

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