The Result of the 3rd Beta

When the bell buzzed, I entered the doctor’s office under a cloud of doom.

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I was pleasantly surprised to see the female doctor. Of the three, she is usually the most empathetic. She smiled and said, “Congratulations.”

I relaxed a bit, sure that was a positive sign.

Directing me to the curtained room, she said in English, “Let’s look.”

Another good sign.

As she checked my pregnancy by ultrasound, I watched her measure a tiny black dot on the screen. When she finished, I asked nervously, “Is everything okay.”

“Okay,” was all she said before returning to the office.

Back in the office, she gestured for me to take a seat. She was stone-faced and in a very clinical voice said, “It’s small.”

My heart sank. I felt gut-punched. Those two words set off a nightmare in my head. My worst fear had been realized.

“Wh-what was its size?” I managed.

“Eight millimeters,” she replied.

Swallowing hard, I blinked back tears and asked, “What was it supposed to be?”

“Eight millimeters.”

Huh? I stared at her blankly. I asked again, this time in Japanese. She repeated her answer, looking a little confused why I asked twice.

“But you said it’s small.”

“Yes. Embryos are always small at five weeks.”

“Then…” I frown in confusion, “It’s fine?”

“Yes.” She looked as puzzled as I felt.

“But my embryo is too small.”

“No. It’s perfect.”

Huh?! I am really confused now.

“But you said it’s small.”

“The size of a grain of rice,” she added, holding up her thumb and forefinger for emphasis. “They’re very small at this stage.”

Finally, it hit me. “You just meant… all embryos are small at this point.”

“Yes.” She doesn’t seem to understand what I am talking about.

“And my embryo is fine. It’s exactly where it should be.”


She meant “It’s small” as an observation of embryos in general. I kinda wanted to slap her at this point.

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You would think a doctor at an infertility clinic would know how “It’s small” sounds to a pregnant woman who just came out of her first ultrasound. She nearly gave me a heart attack and didn’t even realize it.

Good thing she next told me about my HCG levels. The clinic can’t measure past 9,000 and my levels were OVER 9,000!

Which means they can’t measure them anymore. I’m past what they can measure. Now that’s what I call doubling.

Now for the bad news.

Progesterone levels were low. If they go below 10 a miscarriage can become likely. She had me begin progesterone injections right away to protect the pregnancy. I felt a lot better after the first one. A lot of the symptoms (like a little pink spotting) vanished after the injection.

I’ll have to be careful. Here’s hoping next week is mostly good news as well.


11 thoughts on “The Result of the 3rd Beta

  1. Phew! I was holding my breath reading that! Doctors need to be more careful what they say especially to infertility patients! I remember there was a replacement doctor at one of my scan appointments who commented on the baby being small. When she saw me looked worried she then said it was fine. But I still was anxious about it until the next scan! Basically worrying me for no reason.

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  2. I’m incredulous that they didn’t already have you on progesterone as part of your IVF/transfer protocol–there’s not a single clinic in the US that doesn’t use progesterone in IVF protocols and in fact most use progesterone in IUI protocols, because it’s “insurance” and there’s no harm in taking it. I MC’d my first pregnancy due (at least in part) to low progesterone and afterwardsI realized it is the most stupid and senseless reason to lose a pregnancy.
    All this to say, thank God you are now on the progesterone and everything sounds great so you’re off to a great start! XOXO

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    1. They had me on oral capsules, but they weren’t enough. My numbers were declining anyway so they switched to the shot. Yeah I was worried about only the oral capsules. They seemed mild. But at least they monitor me weekly.

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Hoping this is only a small hiccup in things.

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  3. The PIO shots are really the “gold standard”, although I used Endometrin with BG and Crinone with LS (topical inserts) and I was fine even though my progesterone was only 9 at 15dpo–I used progesterone until I was 14+ weeks just to be safe and for my peace of mind.
    The PIO shots hurt and it’s ok to admit it! Of course you’ll do anything for your baby but it’s a well-known fact that PIO is rough. FYI, most ladies use a combo of ice/heat to minimize swelling and pain. XOXO


  4. That cat face you posted? It totally would’ve been the same look I’d give that doc under those circumstances.

    So relieved that everything’s okay. Trusting the P shots get everything back in hormonal bliss.


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