Getting Ready For Texas

I have been busy getting ready to go to Texas this month. The blog has been a bit neglected (only two posts this month. This is the third!). We have a ton of gifts to bring to friends and family back home, some of which are quite delicate and need to be carefully packed.

My ten-year old suitcase finally broke. My husband bought me a new suitcase for cheap on his business trip in India, a famous Swiss-brand suitcase that is bright yellow. It’s my Swiss Cheese suitcase.

I can’t believe I’ll be back in Texas soon. And it’s snowing in places there!

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This last week has been a mad scramble to pack up and get everything ready. My parents are excited to have both my husband and I over. I’ll stay an extra week in Texas while Mr. W goes back earlier for work.

My mom has booked us to stay at one of the most haunted hotels in Texas, but we opted for the non-haunted rooms I asked Mr. Waka if he wants to stay with the ghosts and he was like, “NO!”. Japanese can be quite superstitious about spirits. Apartments drop dramatically in price in Tokyo if there was ever a murder in one, and tenants are required by law to report that to potential renters.

Don’t want this for a roomie?

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The hotel my mom booked is $300 a night! I was shocked my parents were pulling out the stops for us, but they haven’t met Mr. Waka in person in three years. This is family time and they want to show him a great time in Texas. The haunted hotel is very historical and has a gorgeous view.

My mom plans to take him to her favorite Steak House, Tex-Mex Restaurant, and BBQ place while he’s here. My dad’s also fired up the grill and will cook BBQ for us. We’re also taking him to the Fright Factory in Texas (since it’s near Halloween). Mr. Waka was worried if there would be enough to do. I’m more worried if there won’t be too much.

My parents are over the moon to see us and want to show Mr. Waka everything they can. My dad adores my husband, thinks he’s is the Cat’s Meow and a really cool guy.

My father-in-law and father also get along great despite not speaking the same language. They get each other and had a great time when they met before my wedding a few years ago. Last time I went to Texas I brought back one of my dad’s paintings and gave it to the father-in-law. Well, Japanese are not going to be outdone on gift-giving. So this time, father-in-law gave a very valuable vase (valued in Japan at over $300) to us to bring to my parents. We will have to carry that in our carry-on suitcase. Carefully in our suitcase.

My first Halloween in Texas in over ten years.

Totes excited for next week.

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