Tokyo Robot Restaurant: Is It Worth It?


How do you answer that? How do you breakdown and itemize why you liked an experience or why you didn’t? The value of an experience can’t always be measured and defined by its monetary cost.

They say that “Beauty is the in the eye of the Beholder”, well so is value.

The better question is “Was it worth it to you?”.

The Robot Restaurant in Tokyo is located in Kabuki-cho, one of the city’s seedier sides where salaryman go to drink and watch scantily-clad women in shows. These days the Robot Restaurant has abandoned its Go-Go Girls routes and gone PG-13 for the tourists. The price at the gates is 8,000 yen, but it’s easy to get tickets for 5,000 yen if you shop online for discounts. That’s what my friend, Liz, and I did.

She was the perfect person for the crazy, “WTF” side of Tokyo.

Here is short video of our wild experience:

We had a blast.

The first act is a crazy drum show done to famous beats from Japanese festivals. You can hear “Soran, soran” being screamed in several of the songs. The show is wild and full of energy.

After that, you get a short toilet break (which involves a mad dash to get in line). The second act has a plot… or kind of. The second act begins with narration about how humans made robots, but then the robots rebelled and enslaved the humans (original plot I know. Hello, Matrix). However, there was one small space of green left on the planet that the robots couldn’t control because five guardian spirits protected it.

Where you can tell the creators were having fun with this “plot” was in the forms of each spirit. One of the guardian spirits is a giant Panda and one is an actual shrimp, yes a giant shrimp that rises from the ocean to fight off evil robots.

I was semi-horrified throughout this horrible storytelling. It utilized every anime cliche known to Japan. Luckily, the five guardians win in the end when a large Teenage Mutant Ninja turtle brings their Dragon spirit a large gun (not kidding). You’d have to see it to believe it.

The third act goes back to the “Pump You Up” energy of the first. Performers give a dazzling light show before everyone comes out in glittery costumes and floats to dance to “Uptown Funk”.

The “WTF” feeling the show leaves you with is half the fun. Your mind can’t digest what it just witnessed. Liz and I were laughing about it the whole way out. Of course, there were some sour grapes.

While everyone else was glowing about it, the couple in front of us were ranting about “what a waste of money! Hmph!” Liz and I just rolled my eyes. They seemed like bitter people. They should have done their research before they came. It was what we expected and so much better.

Definitely don’t go to this alone. You need to go with one or more to enjoy it. And I couldn’t imagine it being fun twice. It’s a one and done deal. And it’s pure magic with the right person.

It was worth it to us.

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