Eating Our Way Through Fukuoka City (Part 4 of Summer Road Trip)





Fukuoka City is a young person’s city

Since Fukuoka City is famous as the birthplace for Tonkatsu Ramen, my husband spent hours carefully researching and preparing the following schedule:

Lunch: Ramen

Afternoon Snack: Ramen

Dinner: Ramen

Breakfast: Ramen

Hmm… it’s like he had an agenda.

After we left Nagasaki, we headed for Fukuoka and ate ramen. Lots and lots of ramen (and not the instant kind).

City of Ramen

Tonkatsu Ramen is also known as Hakata ramen and is made by boiling the broth with pork bones and other ingredients for eight hours. Where it differs most from other ramen is in the firmness of the noodles (hard in the center).

It was baking hot during the day, even my parasol didn’t keep me cool. The buses had air misters on the top deck to cool the passengers touring Fukuoka. There were so many trendy shops and places to eat — easy to go up a few belt notches in this city.


Yummy Soft Cream

Fukuoka has a young demographic and it shows on the very streets of the city where I mostly encountered twenty and thirty somethings as I walked around (day or night). This city reminded me a lot of Austin, Texas. Clubs, hipster cafes, and all sorts of unusual shops catering to the younger generation.


An Alice In Wonderland Store

I couldn’t resist stopping to look around the city. Not long after we returned to our hotel, a sudden rain storm hit and drenched the streets. It lasted twenty minutes, then the sun returned to set.

Before our next round of ramen, I stopped at a famous chocolate shop and gave myself a treat.


When we met up again outside the Apple Store, I noticed him at the stoplight and tried to creep up behind. He noticed me and pretended not to until I had followed him for a bit. Oh well.

Fukuoka is perfect for a food holiday if you’re hungry.

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