Nagasaki: Night And Day (Part 3 of Our Summer Road Trip)




Even a dilapidated coal-miners’ island in Japan has a mascot

One of Nagasaki’s biggest attractions is Hashima Island, a former coal mining island that housed over 5,000 at its peak. The island is tiny and it’s hard to imagine that 5,000 ever fit here.

You can see shots of the Hashima Island used in 007: Skyfall.

After leaving the Peace Memorial Museum, we headed to Hashima ferry station by tram. It was baking hot that day in Japan. I felt covered in sweat most of the time. Absolutely melting.


Parasols are your friend in humid heat

All trips to set foot on the island were booked. We could only do the boat tour which would take us on a cruise around the island. That was the closest we could get.


Two hour tour boat doesn’t have restrooms.

I wish we could have taken a walking tour. Maybe next time (fingers crossed). At first we were on the top deck of the tour boat, but the heat sent us to the air-conditioned lower deck. Once you choose you’re deck you must stay there until you arrive to the island. Only then do they let everyone go upstairs to take pictures.


There it is.

DSC03657The island has been used as a set location in several films

You can go on a street view of the island by clicking HERE.

After Hashima, it was the long trek back to our car. We ended up walking around the Peace Memorial Park before finally headed to Nagasaki’s most famous viewpoint.


The hilly city sparkles at night like diamond dust on a black canvas


It’s an impressive view. Better than even Hakodate in Hokkaido.

The parking area for the viewpoint was already getting packed when we arrived. It took 25 minutes in line to catch a bus up to see the city. The lines were so long coming back that we ended up walking.

The clear weather made it perfect to see Nagasaki in all its glory.

The next day we drove to Fukuoka, birthplace of Tonkatsu Ramen.

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