Summer Vacation Road Trip 2018 (Part One)


Our road trip to Kyushu began on the heels of a typhoon.

Typhoon 13 hit the night before we left. (In Japan they don’t name Typhoons, they number them). Lucky 13 gusted outside our home, knocking down one of our cucumber vines several times before breaking the stick it was attached on in two.

We moved several of our plants into the bathroom and set up a timed garden light to keep them alive. The heat would have dried them up otherwise. I hope they survive. I have a feeling the cucumber vines will attach themselves to the bars of the bathroom ceiling. Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 1.24.38 PM.png

Dirty plants need a bath

After leaving, we hit the roads and zipped over to Gifu Prefecture. Since we left a day before summer vacation officially started we avoided most of the traffic. Our ryokan, or Japanese Traditional Inn, was sweet, one of the best in the hot spring town of Gero.


Outside our ryokan



DSC03492Art gallery inside

The Japanese emperor and his wife visited here along with many other famous people.

I was surprised by all the things available in this onsen. They even had TWO swimming pools. I’ve never seen swimming pools before at Ryokan. It was like a hotel fused with a ryokan in many ways.




Tatami Room?

DSC03517And futons?!

We could choose to either sleep on the beds or have futons set up in the tatami room of our… room. I chose the bed. My husband chose a futon, so not only were we sleeping apart but in different rooms.

Our room had all the usual ryokan amenities.


What you get

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 1.38.36 PM

Tanzen coat and yukata

The baths were nice, pretty standard. There were many to choose from. Most of the restaurants were closed because we arrived the day before the summer vacation. We settled for Korean food (only place open).

All in all, a very relaxing start to a beautiful vacation.





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