Top Ten Spring Photos


The Top Ten

Here are my favorite shots for this month. I used either a Sony Alpha 7 with a 35 mm lens or my I-phone 5 to take them. We used no tripod.

They are numbered and titled.


Romance Among Tulips

At the time this was shot, I wanted the couple to get out of the picture. Since we were short on time, I snapped it anyway. Surprisingly, it worked out for the best. The couple enhances the photo, their stance suggesting their closeness, and give it a romantic atmosphere. What sets it off is the sunlight sparkling through the canopy.

No filter was used, just a dash of enhanced coloring.

Too bad the couple will never know this shot exists. I never saw their faces.



Astray In Green

The forest had a wonderful emerald hue. I asked my husband to take two shots. This was my favorite. I enhanced the color a bit with Photos and re-framed it. My posture is a little awkward. A model I am not.


Blue On Blue

I used a lot saturation because it brought out the blues, making the flowers and sky distinct. Originally they faded into the other. Now they pop in a great way. That was the only alteration.


Sunny Cherries

This photo has almost no enhancement beyond a slight color enhancement. It came out perfect. I love how the background is clear and the foreground is slightly blurred. It gives it a real 3D feel.


Mountain Pagoda

I’m amazed this one turned out well. There was no re-framing. It did not appear that good until I altered the saturation. That made the blue and pink pop. You can see Chureito Pagoda standing in the background, facing towards Mt. Fuji.


Hanami Food

This was shot on my I-Phone 5. I used a filter and increased the saturation to bring out the pink. I think the dynamic angle really makes it work. The foreground is in focus while the background is not.

This is a favorite technique of mine — putting something exciting in the foreground and letting the background go out of focus.


Look At This

Another one shot on my I-phone with a filter applied. I had to re-frame a little bit, but I really loved how it turned out. The top of the photo gives the illusion that two photos were spliced together even though it’s just one. The women were in a perfect position. They had just finished photographing themselves under the arches of the Kyoto aquaducts and wanted to see how their photos turned out.


Leaf In Water

My husband shot this on the Sony Alpha 7. He loves water shots, especially when light and shadow are involved. The photo was re-framed slightly, and the color enhanced a bit. It’s a pretty great shot in my opinion. He favors small things over large. I go for vastness and an attempt to “capture the scene” while he likes to capture small, quiet moments in nature.

Who would have thought a dead leaf floating on water could be lovely?


Kamikochi Crystal Waters

Zero framing. A dash of color enhancement to bring out the blue. The water really was this color. I like how well-positioned the man was in the photo. Most of the time people ruin shots, but sometimes they add a lot.

This shot was in Kamikochi in Nagano Prefecture. The Japanese Alps are quite photogenic.

Day 4 Thumbnail

Imperial Palace In Kyoto

Even though this had a filter and was heavily saturated, I like it anyway. The orange contrasts the blue grey. We were walking around the imperial palace when I asked my husband to take this. The only part I wish was different is that the wind wasn’t blowing at my back, but flaring the dress to the side.
And those were my top ten favorites for the past three weeks. What do you think?  What are your favorites?


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