Why I Don’t Like Going To Parks


Can you spot the bride?

It’s not that urban parks aren’t great, it’s just that they’re not my cup of tea. I rarely enjoy them, even when I go with fun people. I do like massive National Parks such as Yellostone or Big Bend in the US.

For me, when I go into nature, I want to enjoy the quiet and solitude. I find most urban parks, noisy and crowded, especially in Japan. They are more “nature-like” than nature.

That said, we did discover a very nice park, one we visited at the perfect time.

The sun was hitting all the right angles when we arrived, casting a soft glow over everything.


The right light


The shot got ruined when a little girl came up and started talking to me.


The flowers were vivid colors.

This park was massive and very popular. We did find spots far from the people. Even after a couple visits, we’ve only explored half of it. Most people rent bikes to get around. There is a lot to do from rowboats to a large Japanese garden with a tea house, and every flower field imaginable.

It was more amusement park than park. That might be why I enjoyed it more than a normal park.

Speaking of rowboats, on the second visit we rented one for 1,000 yen. The only problem was that my husband left out the fact that he had never rowed a boat in his life when he volunteered to row our boat. Once you sit in your seats, you can’t switch. The rower stays the rower.

Once they nudged us out it quickly became clear my husband was having difficulties as he steered us straight into the reeds.

Another fun things for us was the photography in the park. Even my husband took a few. Who took it better?


His shot.


My shot.

Gorgeous lighting.


The light and shadow played off each other so well.

Even though we enjoyed this park, I’m still not a fan of going to most parks. I get why others like them, but I grew up in the countryside. For me, nature is best enjoyed in solitude or with a quiet companion.

I like camping out in the forest or under the stars.

Japaese parks come in all shapes and sizes, from itty-bitty to large like the one we enjoyed. Their still not like the big national parks in the US. I guess it depends on how you define a “park”.

Urban parks in Japan often serve as social areas for mothers of young children, elderly people, and teenagers. You rarely see a middle-aged man there, except one enjoying a bento on lunch break. In wealthier areas, parks are places for the rich housewives to social jockey among each other.

Still it’s nothing like what the wealthy housewives in New York do in Central Park. (Social games).

I’ve never seen or at least noticed that type of behavior at Japanese parks, but they are usually occupied by house wives and children. The housewives stand in a circle or sit around a table, deep in their conversations while the children run around the playground.

Then there are the elderly people who go there and sit on the park benches for hours, observing the sights and greeting passerby. Parks seems to serve as their way to be around people. Oddly though, many elderly will complain of “all the loud children” playing a the park. I had a friend who once worked in the complaint office at metropolitan city hall and they go complaints all the time from elderly folk who hated the “noisy” children. They wanted to go to the park and sit


8 thoughts on “Why I Don’t Like Going To Parks

  1. As someone who has tattoos and has done acupuncture I can say that the feeling is very different. I had been afraid of acupuncture before I tried it. However I think it’s fantastic but my acupuncturist stuck needles into my head once and I’ll never let that happen again. Worst feeling ever.

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    1. Oh, thank you for explaining. To me, tattoos looked more painful. I guess I hate consistent pain more (a needle being pushed over and over in the same spot).

      I find getting a tattoo to be more frightening, yet my other friend with tattoos finds acupuncture needles far scarier.

      Where did she stick the needles in your head? On the top or in the back? That does sound painful. I’ve never had needles stuck in my head except at the base of my skull.


      1. We don’t have a tripod yet, but we hope to get one soon. We use a 35mm lens. It’s the best for capture light and having something in focus while something else isn’t to give a 3d feel to the picture.

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