How To See Mt. Fuji During Cherry Blossom Season (Arakura Sengen Shrine)


The ultimate viewpoint to photograph Mt. Fuji with Cherry Blossoms.

I finally made it to this famous viewpoint that’s on all the postcards of Japan. It’s where you can see a red pagoda with Mt. Fuji and cherry blossoms in the backdrop.

Travel Tips

This place is found in Yamanashi Prefecture. Have you heard of Chureito Pagoda? You’ve probably seen stunning pictures of this place.

The best and most breathtaking time to visit is when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom around it, but be careful of the huge crowds waiting to get their own stunning shot of Mt. Fuji from behind the pagoda.

Useful Links: Official Website for Information On Chureito Pagoda 

The cherry blossoms were as perfect as the weather when we went.


Can you believe I’ve never visited here before?  I’ve always wanted to visit, but I kept putting it off. Everything this sakura season fell into place — perfect weather, perfect timing, and perfect location to get here.

We hopped in our car and, under an azure sky, drove to Yamanashi Prefecture which is about a two to three hour drive from Tokyo depending on traffic. Yamanashi is full of so many things to see that you could spend a week here and still not see everything. It’s home to Aokigahara Forest (better known as the Suicide Forest), Fuji-Q Highlands, countless onsens and places to say around Mt. Fuji’s five lakes, the start point for trails climbing Mt. Fuji, wine country, and much more. Yamanashi is best explored by car or bike (if you are a cyclist).

We parked in a school parking area that was opened to the public that weekend for visitors the famous shrine. The parking was around 1,000 yen (ouch) for as long as you want, but the bus ride over was free. Since I didn’t know my husband planned to visit here, I made the mistake of wearing heels.


Do not wear these to this place.



You have a trek up, but the view is amazing.

The line for the most famous viewpoint was an hour long, so we skipped on that and got other great pictures instead.



Putting cherry blossoms (fleeting beauties) with Mt. Fuji (a long-lasting beauty) is ironic to me. I like the contrast between their dueling natures.  This is the place for stunning shots with cherry blossoms and Mt. Fuji paired together.


Just breathtaking. This is a landscape photographers’ dream place.


The Perfect Selfie. It captures my eyes, don’t ya think?

Bright blue sky works so well with cherry blossoms. It’s a pity it’s rare to get that combination during most sakura seasons.  If you get a chance, I highly recommend stopping by here.


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