Acupuncture Torture Session

Acupuncture in Japan is generally mild and gentle in my opinion.  I hate needles, but acupuncture doesn’t bother me. I never found it painful, until last week…

Last week, I sat in the fertility clinic in a text-chat with my husband. The results were bad. I insisted we found a good acupuncturist, and try everything since this is probably our last real chance to have a child. I know some don’t think it helps, but I think it does.

My husband found a great place. The reviews were incredible. He set up an appointment and a couple days later we met in front of the clinic of the “hari no sensei” (Needle Doctor/ acupuncturist). The doctor explained his treatment for about 10-15 minutes before I was asked to lie face-down on the table and my husband left the room.

The “treatment” was… something else. Something very, very painful.

He used thick needles, pressing them deep in specific points. Every point sent blood circulating into places that blood hasn’t reached in a long, long time. My left shoulder has been a hardened knot for over a year, one that no masseuse could untangle. I’ve weight-lifted, tried yoga and countless stretches, yet the knot remained.  It just seemed a way of life now.

He fixed it.

First he’d hammer the needle in, then there would be a twinge, followed by a stronger series of twinges, and all the muscles in my back would spasm. When the needle was removed there would be a loosened feeling. Over and over he did this, unwinding knots in my back that I did not even know were there. It was agony, yet it felt so good afterwards. My back felt loosened and on fire as blood pumped freely through the muscles.

Painful magic is what I call it.

He boldly promised that the treatment would fix my acne, something I’ve suffered from since puberty. Color me skeptical. However, five days later my skin is glowing like it hasn’t in years. The only acne is old, drying up acne.


I hope he can work miracles on my infertility.

We’ll see.  It’s certainly nice not having that left knot anymore and a clearer face.

He described his treatment like this, “Muscles harden with aging. This causes neural paralysis. Acupuncture gets blood flowing.”

*fingers crossed*

8 thoughts on “Acupuncture Torture Session

  1. Japanese are the best in this needle art to heal pains. Decade back My left knee was damaged badly and pain was there all the years its gone after 2 session treatments. Its a real health magic. All the best for you.

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  2. I worked as an acupuncturists assistant in my college years, and I know from my own experience (including the experience of the patients I helped) that trigger points are tender when you’re out of balance. It has something to do with the flow of energy in your body. Sounds a little hippie, but I defiantly believe it heals!

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