A Day In Asakusa

What to do? What to do in Asakusa?

There’s way too much to do in this tourists’ paradise.

Let’s start with the most obvious:


Sensoji Temple

Always packed to the gills, you swim through the sea of people if you brave the market street.


Another option is to skip the market and use the side streets — they’re not as crazy-packed.

Most consider Sensoji Temple’s best hour to be at dusk. Photographers flock here by the dozens for sunset shots.

DSC02123Cloudy weather ruined my sunset shots. If you get it on a perfect day, the setting sun blasts the temple in golden hues. Not a sight to be missed. 


The next hot spot is none other than Sky Tree!


Careful. You’ll strain your neck craning it back.


It’s expensive to go to the top, but you can get pretty high up without paying.


There is a large mall complex at the base of the tower, and always some kind of exhibition.

This was happening the day I went with my friends:


They had a full-scale Macross Fighter on display from the popular anime.

There are also a ton of restaurants in the Sky Tree Mall.


I got the tempura set meal.

Around Sky Tree are all these parks that line the Sumida River. They have some interesting art displays that are permanent and interactive.


I didn’t do this with Natalia and S, but there is an Escape Room in Asakusa that I mentioned in an earlier post.


Look for the Asahi Building, the one with the giant golden poo-like thing on top. You’ll know it when you see it. The Escape Room is near that.

There’s much more to do, but these are personal favorites about Asakusa.  Of course, the most important thing is having great company to enjoy it with.


 Nathalie Na Japao

4 thoughts on “A Day In Asakusa

  1. Asukasa is one of my least favorite places in Tokyo (never could stand all the tourists). However, I visited there one morning at 5AM when I first moved to Japan and still had jet lag. There’s were only locals and people walking their dogs. That was my favorite trip to Asukasa.

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