White Day In Japan

My husband and I are not big romantics.

Nevertheless, I can’t pass up a chance to buy chocolate. This year I bought a box of Godiva chocolate for my husband on Valentine’s Day and gave him 60% of the contents (after… um… sampling for quality-control purposes).

I was hoping for him to bring me a box of chocolate for White Day.  He surprised me by really going all out.

First, he brought Cookie’N’Cream cake from Tokyo Station. The crust was the best part.

It didn’t stop there. He spent 1,000 yen on this single piece of chocolate from Birthstone Chocolate.  He said that is the most he has ever spent on chocolate before, adding, “Godiva was too predictable. I wanted to surprise you.”

The chocolate represents my birthstone which is a pearl. The inside was this very yummy fudge that I can’t describe. It was incredibly delicious.

What is happening to us?  Are we becoming romantics?  Or just love sharing our love of chocolate with each other?

Maybe next year I should give him 80 % of a box of chocolate…

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