One Fine Day In Tokyo


The day before I heard the results of my Two Week Wait, I had one beautiful Sunday in Tokyo with friends.

I watched this movie last night as I processed my grief and disappointment.



The Sunday before we knew the results was beautiful. It was the first warm day of Spring we’ve had in Tokyo since late November. I met S in Shimbashi




And we walked to Hamarikyu Park.




We saw the plum blossoms.




I wore only a cardigan, not a heavy coat, and it was delightful.  Spring gave us a taste, and I want more. S showed me around her part of town, even to her favorite gelato shop.




Then we met Natalie and L. After stopping at a supermarket, we took our ingredients to S’s place and cooked dinner for our ladies’ night.


We made a friend out of the snacks, then ate him like the savage women we are.


Poor fellow. Eaten alive by four ravenous women.

With drinks in hand, we admire the view of Tokyo from S’s apartment. She gets to wake up every morning to this.


The view from S’s apartment.

As the sun set, S pulled out a board game and asked if we wanted to play.  It was a German game that was incredibly fun. I came to love it as much as Settlers of Cataan.




Those Germans sure know how to have fun! 

S explained the rules, then proceeded to dominate the game against three very inexperienced players. We questioned her “teaching”.  She had a habit of leaving things out that enormously benefited her later.  Sure, sure, just a “coincidence”.  I got second anyway!  Almost beat her.

Afterwards, we stood on the balcony and watched the moon rise. This was the end of a perfect day.


Odaiba in moonlight

9 thoughts on “One Fine Day In Tokyo

  1. I’m sorry about this cycle not ending up the way you had hoped. I’m glad you guys decided to put your feet down. (Foots down?) Anyway, it was warm enough last weekend for gelato, wasn’t it! It’s back to chilly and windy here but I’m hoping for more of those spring days again.

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